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December 16, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 945
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Chapter 945, Florida Statutes 2008



945.01  Definitions.

945.025  Jurisdiction of department.

945.0311  Employment of relatives.

945.035  Notice of employment, appointment, or separation; response by the correctional officer; duty of department.

945.04  Department of Corrections; general function; seal; use of inmate labor.

945.043  Department-operated day care services.

945.047  Licensing requirements for physicians, osteopathic physicians, and chiropractic physicians employed by the department.

945.091  Extension of the limits of confinement; restitution by employed inmates.

945.0913  Inmates prohibited from driving state-owned vehicles to transport inmates in a work-release program.

945.092  Limits on work-release and minimum security custody for persons who have committed the crime of escape.

945.10  Confidential information.

945.12  Transfers for rehabilitative treatment.

945.215  Inmate welfare and employee benefit trust funds.

945.21501  Employee Benefit Trust Fund.

945.21503  Federal Grants Trust Fund.

945.2151  Verifying social security numbers.

945.25  Records.

945.27  Proceedings by department.

945.28  Selection of probation or parole offices by the department; public notice.

945.31  Restitution and other payments.

945.35  Requirement for education on human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and other communicable diseases.

945.355  HIV testing of inmates prior to release.

945.36  Exemption from health testing regulations for law enforcement personnel conducting drug tests on inmates and releasees.

945.40  Corrections Mental Health Act; short title for ss. 945.40-945.49.

945.41  Legislative intent of ss. 945.40-945.49.

945.42  Definitions; ss. 945.40-945.49.

945.43  Admission of inmate to mental health treatment facility.

945.44  Emergency placement of inmate in a mental health treatment facility.

945.45  Continued placement of inmates in mental health treatment facilities.

945.46  Initiation of involuntary placement proceedings with respect to a mentally ill inmate scheduled for release.

945.47  Discharge of inmate from mental health treatment.

945.48  Rights of inmates provided mental health treatment; procedure for involuntary treatment.

945.49  Operation and administration.

945.601  Correctional Medical Authority; ss. 945.601-945.6035, definitions.

945.602  State of Florida Correctional Medical Authority; creation; members.

945.603  Powers and duties of authority.

945.6031  Required reports and surveys.

945.6032  Quality management program requirements.

945.6033  Continuing contracts with health care providers.

945.6034  Minimum health care standards.

945.6035  Dispute resolution.

945.6036  Enforcement.

945.6037  Nonemergency health care; inmate copayments.

945.6038  Inmate litigation costs.

945.71  Inmate training programs; intent and purposes.

945.72  Eligibility and screening of inmates.

945.73  Inmate training program operation.

945.74  Implementation.

945.75  Tours of state correctional facilities for juveniles.