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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 941
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Chapter 941, Part I, Florida Statutes 2008



941.01  Definition.

941.02  Fugitives from justice; duty of Governor.

941.03  Form of demand.

941.04  Governor may investigate case.

941.05  Extradition of persons imprisoned or awaiting trial in another state or who have left the demanding state under compulsion.

941.06  Extradition of persons not present in demanding state at time of commission of crime.

941.07  Issue of Governor's warrant of arrest; its recitals.

941.08  Manner and place of execution.

941.09  Authority of arresting officer.

941.10  Rights of accused person; application for writ of habeas corpus.

941.11  Penalty for noncompliance with s. 941.10.

941.12  Confinement in jail when necessary.

941.13  Arrest prior to requisition.

941.14  Arrest without a warrant.

941.15  Commitment to await requisition; bail.

941.16  Bail; in what cases; conditions of bond.

941.17  Extension of time of commitment, adjournment.

941.18  Forfeiture of bail.

941.19  Persons under criminal prosecution in this state at time of requisition.

941.20  Guilt or innocence of accused, when inquired into.

941.21  Governor may recall warrant or issue alias.

941.22  Fugitives from this state; duty of Governor.

941.23  Application for issuance of requisition; by whom made; contents.

941.24  Costs and expenses.

941.25  Immunity from service of process in certain civil actions.

941.26  Written waiver of extradition proceedings.

941.27  Nonwaiver by this state.

941.28  No right of asylum; no immunity from other criminal prosecutions while in this state.

941.29  Interpretation.

941.30  Short title; ss. 941.01-941.29.

941.31  Fresh pursuit; authority of officers of other states; etc.

941.32  Fresh pursuit; arrest; etc.

941.33  Fresh pursuit; validity of arrest.

941.34  Definition of "state."

941.35  Definition of "fresh pursuit."

941.37  Short title; ss. 941.31-941.35.

941.38  Extradition of persons alleged to be of unsound mind.

941.39  Extradition of persons alleged to be of unsound mind; definitions.

941.40  Extradition of persons alleged to be of unsound mind; procedure; limitation of detention; costs.

941.41  Extradition of persons alleged to be of unsound mind; Governor to demand.

941.42  Extradition of persons alleged to be of unsound mind; purpose of law.