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March 19, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 905
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Chapter 905, Florida Statutes 2008



905.01  Number and procurement of grand jury; replacement of member.

905.02  Who may challenge.

905.03  Ground for challenge to panel.

905.04  Grounds for challenge to individual prospective grand juror.

905.05  When challenge or objection to be made.

905.06  How challenge made and tried.

905.07  Effect of sustaining challenge to panel.

905.075  Excusing grand juror related to person being investigated.

905.08  Appointment of foreperson.

905.09  Discharge and recall of grand jury.

905.095  Extension of grand jury term.

905.10  Oath of grand jurors.

905.11  Charge of court.

905.12  Retirement of grand jurors.

905.13  Appointment of clerk.

905.15  Appointment of interpreter.

905.16  Duties of grand jury.

905.165  Grand jury to make presentments.

905.17  Who may be present during session of grand jury.

905.18  Duty of court.

905.185  State attorney to issue process.

905.19  Duty of state attorney.

905.195  List of witnesses; minutes.

905.20  Duty of grand juror having knowledge of offense.

905.21  When grand jury of another county may indict in other cases.

905.22  Swearing of witnesses.

905.23  Number of grand jurors required to return indictment.

905.24  Proceedings of grand jury to be kept secret.

905.25  Grand juror not permitted to state or testify.

905.26  Not to disclose finding of indictment.

905.27  Testimony not to be disclosed; exceptions.

905.28  Publication of report or presentment; motion to repress.

905.31  Short title.

905.32  Legislative intent.

905.33  Petition to Supreme Court by Governor; order.

905.34  Powers and duties; law applicable.

905.35  Appointment of foreperson and deputy foreperson.

905.36  Duty of state attorney or other legal adviser; presentation of evidence.

905.37  List of prospective jurors; impanelment; composition of jury; compensation.

905.38  Summoning of jurors.

905.39  Judicial supervision; returns.

905.395  Unlawful acts related to disclosure of proceedings; penalty.

905.40  Payment of costs and expenses.