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March 19, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XL
Chapter 717
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Chapter 717, Florida Statutes 2008



717.001  Short title.

717.101  Definitions.

717.102  Property presumed unclaimed; general rule.

717.103  General rules for taking custody of intangible unclaimed property.

717.1035  Property originated or issued by this state, any political subdivision of this state, or any entity incorporated, organized, created, or otherwise located in the state.

717.104  Traveler's checks and money orders.

717.1045  Gift certificates and similar credit items.

717.105  Checks, drafts, and similar instruments issued or certified by banking and financial organizations.

717.106  Bank deposits and funds in financial organizations.

717.107  Funds owing under life insurance policies.

717.1071  Lost owners of unclaimed demutualization, rehabilitation, or related reorganization proceeds.

717.108  Deposits held by utilities.

717.109  Refunds held by business associations.

717.1101  Unclaimed equity and debt of business associations.

717.111  Property of business associations held in course of dissolution.

717.112  Property held by agents and fiduciaries.

717.113  Property held by courts and public agencies.

717.115  Wages.

717.116  Contents of safe-deposit box or other safekeeping repository.

717.117  Report of unclaimed property.

717.118  Notification of apparent owners of unclaimed property.

717.119  Payment or delivery of unclaimed property.

717.1201  Custody by state; holder relieved from liability; reimbursement of holder paying claim; reclaiming for owner; defense of holder; payment of safe-deposit box or repository charges.

717.121  Crediting of dividends, interest, or increments to owner's account.

717.122  Public sale of unclaimed property.

717.123  Deposit of funds.

717.124  Unclaimed property claims.

717.12403  Unclaimed demand, savings, or checking account in a financial institution held in the name of more than one person.

717.12404  Claims on behalf of a business entity or trust.

717.12405  Claims by estates.

717.12406  Joint ownership of unclaimed securities or dividends.

717.1241  Conflicting claims.

717.1242  Restatement of jurisdiction of the circuit court sitting in probate and the department.

717.1243  Small estate accounts.

717.1244  Determinations of unclaimed property claims.

717.1245  Garnishment of unclaimed property.

717.125  Claim of another state to recover property; procedure.

717.126  Administrative hearing; burden of proof; proof of entitlement; venue.

717.1261  Death certificates.

717.1262  Court documents.

717.127  Election to take payment or delivery.

717.128  Destruction or disposition of property having insubstantial commercial value; immunity from liability.

717.129  Periods of limitation.

717.1301  Investigations; examinations; subpoenas.

717.1311  Retention of records.

717.1315  Retention of records by claimant's representatives and buyers of unclaimed property.

717.132  Enforcement; cease and desist orders; fines.

717.1322  Administrative and civil enforcement.

717.1323  Prohibited practice.

717.133  Interstate agreements and cooperation; joint and reciprocal actions with other states.

717.1331  Actions against holders.

717.1333  Evidence; estimations; audit reports, examiner's worksheets, investigative reports, other related documents.

717.134  Penalties and interest.

717.1341  Invalid claims, recovery of property, interest and penalties.

717.135  Power of attorney to recover reported property in the custody of the department.

717.1351  Acquisition of unclaimed property.

717.1355  Theme park and entertainment complex tickets.

717.136  Foreign transactions.

717.138  Rulemaking authority.

717.1381  Void unclaimed property powers of attorney and purchase agreements.

717.139  Uniformity of application and construction.

717.1400  Registration.

717.1401  Repeal.