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December 18, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 655
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Chapter 655, Florida Statutes 2008





655.001  Purpose; application.

655.005  Definitions.

655.012  General supervisory powers; rulemaking; seal.

655.013  Effect on existing financial institutions.

655.015  Construction; standards to be observed by commission and office.

655.016  Liability when acting upon rule, order, or declaratory statement.

655.0201  Service of process, notice, or demand on financial institutions.

655.031  Administrative enforcement guidelines.

655.032  Investigations, subpoenas, hearings, and witnesses.

655.0321  Restricted access to certain hearings, proceedings, and related documents.

655.0322  Prohibited acts and practices; criminal penalties.

655.033  Cease and desist orders.

655.034  Injunctions.

655.037  Removal of a financial institution-affiliated party by the office.

655.0385  Disapproval of directors and executive officers.

655.0386  Transactions with financial institution-affiliated parties.

655.0391  Retention of supervision by office.

655.0392  Place of transacting business.

655.041  Administrative fines; enforcement.

655.043  Articles of incorporation; amendments; approval.

655.044  Accounting practices; bad debts ineligible to be carried as assets.

655.045  Examinations, reports, and internal audits; penalty.

655.047  Assessments; financial institutions.

655.049  Deposit of fees and assessments.

655.057  Records; limited restrictions upon public access.

655.059  Access to books and records; confidentiality; penalty for disclosure.

655.061  Competitive equality with federally organized or chartered financial institutions.

655.071  International banking facilities; definitions; notice before establishment.

655.41  Cross-industry conversions, mergers, consolidations, and acquisitions; definitions used in ss. 655.41-655.419.

655.411  Conversion of charter.

655.412  Merger and consolidation.

655.414  Acquisition of assets; assumption of liabilities.

655.416  Book value of assets.

655.417  Effect of merger, consolidation, conversion, or acquisition.

655.418  Nonconforming activities; cessation.

655.4185  Emergency action.

655.419  Effect.

655.50  Florida Control of Money Laundering in Financial Institutions Act; reports of transactions involving currency or monetary instruments; when required; purpose; definitions; penalties.

655.51  Employment information.

655.55  Law applicable to deposits in and contracts relating to extensions of credit by a deposit or lending institution located in this state.

655.56  Collection of fines, interest, or premiums on loans made by financial institutions.

655.60  Appraisals.

655.762  Sale of assets.

655.769  Definitions of terms used in ss. 655.77-655.91.

655.77  Deposits by minors.

655.78  Deposit accounts in two or more names.

655.79  Deposits and accounts in two or more names; presumption as to vesting on death.

655.80  Convenience accounts.

655.82  Pay-on-death accounts.

655.825  Deposits in trust; applicability of s. 655.82 in place of former s. 655.81.

655.83  Adverse claim to a deposit or fiduciary account.

655.84  Limitations; statements as correct.

655.85  Settlement of checks.

655.851  Unclaimed credit balances.

655.86  Issuance of postdated checks.

655.89  Legal holidays; business days; business and transactions.

655.90  Closing during emergencies and other special days.

655.91  Records of institutions and copies thereof; retention and destruction.

655.921  Transaction of business by out-of-state financial institutions; exempt transactions in the financial institutions codes.

655.922  Banking business by unauthorized persons; use of name.

655.93  Definitions for ss. 655.93-655.94.

655.931  Authority to engage in safe-deposit business.

655.932  Lease to minor.

655.933  Access by fiduciaries.

655.934  Effect of lessee's death or incapacity.

655.935  Search procedure on death of lessee.

655.936  Delivery of safe-deposit box contents or property held in safekeeping to personal representative.

655.937  Access to safe-deposit boxes leased in two or more names.

655.938  Adverse claims to contents of safe-deposit box.

655.939  Limiting right of access for failure to comply with security procedures.

655.94  Special remedies for nonpayment of rent.

655.942  Standards of conduct; institutions.

655.943  Applications; verification.

655.946  Single interest insurance placed by financial institutions.

655.947  Debt cancellation products.

655.948  Significant events; notice required.

655.949  Personnel; qualifications.

655.954  Financial institution loans; credit cards.

655.960  Definitions; ss. 655.960-655.965.

655.961  Violation of specified provisions not negligence per se.

655.962  Lighting; mirrors; landscaping.

655.963  Access devices.

655.964  Application.

655.965  Preemption; prohibition.

655.966  Automated teller machine; surcharge disclosure.

655.967  State-funded endowments.