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December 15, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 641
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Chapter 641, Part II, Florida Statutes 2008



641.40  Short title.

641.401  Declaration of legislative intent, findings, and purposes.

641.4015  Part exclusive; applicability of other laws.

641.402  Definitions.

641.403  Rulemaking authority.

641.405  Application for certificate of authority to operate prepaid health clinic.

641.406  Issuance of certificate of authority.

641.4065  Insurance business not authorized.

641.407  Minimum surplus.

641.408  Use of certain words prohibited in the name of a prepaid health clinic.

641.409  Insolvency protection.

641.4091  Levy upon deposit; limitation.

641.41  Annual report of prepaid health clinic; administrative penalty.

641.411  Other reporting requirements.

641.412  Fees.

641.414  Investment of funds of prepaid health clinic.

641.416  Acquisition.

641.418  Examination of prepaid health clinic by the office.

641.419  Rehabilitation, liquidation, conservation, or dissolution of prepaid health clinic.

641.42  Prepaid health clinic contracts.

641.421  Language used in contracts and advertisements; translations.

641.422  Contract provisions incorporating charter or bylaw provisions.

641.423  Execution of contracts.

641.424  Validity of noncomplying contracts.

641.425  Construction of contracts.

641.426  Delivery of contract to subscriber.

641.427  Notice of cancellation, termination, or nonrenewal of contract.

641.428  Nondiscrimination of coverage for certain surgical procedures involving bones or joints.

641.429  Acceptable payments to prepaid health clinic.

641.43  Provider contracts.

641.432  Providers of service; penalty for unauthorized use of providers; interference with judgment prohibited.

641.437  Investigatory power of office.

641.438  Genetic information restrictions.

641.44  Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices prohibited.

641.441  Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices defined.

641.442  Penalty for operation of prepaid health clinic, or issuance, delivery, or renewal of prepaid health clinic contract, without certificate of authority.

641.443  Temporary restraining orders.

641.444  Injunction.

641.445  Defined practices; hearings, witnesses, appearances, production of books, and service of process.

641.446  Cease and desist and penalty orders.

641.447  Appeal from order.

641.448  Penalty for violation of cease and desist order.

641.45  Revocation or cancellation of certificate of authority; suspension of authority to enroll new subscribers; terms of suspension.

641.452  Administrative penalty in lieu of suspension or revocation of certificate of authority.

641.453  Civil liability.

641.454  Civil action to enforce prepaid health clinic contract; attorney's fees; court costs.

641.455  Disposition of moneys collected under this part.

641.457  Exemption for certain operational prepaid health clinics.

641.459  Construction and relationship to other laws.