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December 15, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 628
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Chapter 628, Part I, Florida Statutes 2008



628.011  Scope of part.

628.021  "Stock insurer" defined.

628.031  "Mutual insurer" defined.

628.041  Applicability of general corporation statutes.

628.051  Application for permit to form insurer; contents; fee.

628.061  Investigation of proposed organization.

628.071  Granting, denial of permit.

628.081  Incorporation of domestic insurer.

628.091  Filing, approval of articles of incorporation.

628.101  Amendment of certificate of incorporation; stock insurer.

628.111  Amendment of articles of incorporation; mutual insurer.

628.121  Capital stock; amount; payment.

628.131  Limitation on organization and stock sales expenses.

628.151  Insurance business exclusive.

628.152  Domestic stock insurers; proxies, consents, and authorizations with respect to any voting security.

628.161  Initial qualifications; mutuals.

628.171  Formation of mutual insurer; bond.

628.221  Bylaws of mutual insurer.

628.231  Directors.

628.251  Management and exclusive agency contracts.

628.255  Person with effective control cannot receive commission unless contract approved; penalties.

628.261  Notice of change of director or officer.

628.271  Office and records; penalty for unlawful removal of records.

628.281  Exceptions to requirement that office, records, and assets be maintained in this state.

628.291  Unauthorized transactions in other states.

628.301  Membership in mutual insurer.

628.341  Nonassessable policies; mutual insurers.

628.351  Nonassessable policies; revocation of authority of mutual insurer.

628.361  Participating policies.

628.371  Dividends to stockholders.

628.381  Dividends to mutual policyholders.

628.391  Illegal dividends; penalty.

628.401  Borrowed surplus.

628.411  Impairment of capital or assets.

628.421  Assessment of stockholders or members.

628.431  Mutualization of stock insurers.

628.441  Converting mutual insurer.

628.451  Merger or share exchange of stock insurers and other entities.

628.461  Acquisition of controlling stock.

628.4615  Specialty insurers; acquisition of controlling stock, ownership interest, assets, or control; merger or consolidation.

628.471  Mergers; mutual insurers.

628.481  Bulk reinsurance; stock insurers.

628.491  Mergers and consolidations; mutual insurers; agreement of bulk reinsurance.

628.501  Mutual member's share of assets on liquidation.

628.511  Ownership or transfer of securities without physical delivery of certificates.

628.520  Change of domicile of a foreign insurer.

628.525  Change of domicile of a domestic insurer.

628.530  Effects of redomestication.

628.535  Authority to adopt rules.