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December 18, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 627
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Chapter 627, Part II, Florida Statutes 2008



627.401  Scope of this part.

627.402  Definitions; specified certificates not included.

627.4025  Residential coverage and hurricane coverage defined.

627.403  "Premium" defined.

627.4035  Cash payment of premiums; claims.

627.404  Insurable interest; personal insurance.

627.405  Insurable interest; property.

627.406  Power to contract; purchase of insurance by or for minor.

627.407  Alteration of application.

627.408  Application as evidence.

627.4085  Insurer name, agent name, and license identification number required on application.

627.409  Representations in applications; warranties.

627.4091  Specific reasons for denial, cancellation, or nonrenewal.

627.40951  Standard personal lines residential insurance policy.

627.410  Filing, approval of forms.

627.4101  Credit insurance enrollment forms.

627.4105  Life and health insurance; reduced premiums upon rigorous physical examination.

627.4107  Government employees exposed to toxic drug chemicals; cancellation of life or health policy or certificate prohibited.

627.411  Grounds for disapproval.

627.412  Standard provisions, in general.

627.413  Contents of policies, in general; identification.

627.4131  Telephone number required.

627.4132  Stacking of coverages prohibited.

627.4133  Notice of cancellation, nonrenewal, or renewal premium.

627.4135  Casualty insurance contracts subject to general provisions for insurance contracts.

627.4136  Nonjoinder of insurers.

627.4137  Disclosure of certain information required.

627.414  Additional policy contents.

627.4143  Outline of coverage.

627.4145  Readable language in insurance policies.

627.4147  Medical malpractice insurance contracts.

627.4148  Medical malpractice insurers; required offer of coverage limits.

627.41495  Public notice of medical malpractice rate filings.

627.415  Charter, bylaw provisions.

627.416  Execution of policies.

627.417  Underwriters' and combination policies.

627.418  Validity of noncomplying contracts.

627.419  Construction of policies.

627.4195  Health insurance; claims for payment of psychotherapeutic services; confidentiality.

627.420  Binders.

627.4205  Coverage identification number required.

627.421  Delivery of policy.

627.422  Assignment of policies.

627.423  Payment discharges insurer.

627.4232  Health insurance out-of-hospital benefits.

627.4233  Total disability defined.

627.4234  Health insurance cost containment provisions required.

627.4235  Coordination of benefits.

627.4236  Coverage for bone marrow transplant procedures.

627.4237  Sickness disability or disability due to sickness.

627.4238  Health insurer examinations.

627.4239  Coverage for use of drugs in treatment of cancer.

627.42395  Coverage for certain prescription and nonprescription enteral formulas.

627.424  Minor may give acquittance.

627.425  Forms for proof of loss to be furnished.

627.426  Claims administration.

627.4265  Payment of settlement.

627.427  Payment of judgment by insurer; penalty for failure.

627.428  Attorney's fee.

627.429  Medical tests for HIV infection and AIDS for insurance purposes.

627.4295  Dental procedures; anesthesia and hospitalization coverage.

627.4301  Genetic information for insurance purposes.

627.4302  Identification cards for processing prescription drug claims.

627.441  Commercial general liability policies; coverage to contractors for completed operations.

627.442  Insurance contracts.