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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 624
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Chapter 624, Part III, Florida Statutes 2008



624.401  Certificate of authority required.

624.402  Exceptions, certificate of authority required.

624.4031  Church benefit plans and church benefit board.

624.404  General eligibility of insurers for certificate of authority.

624.4055  Restrictions on existing private passenger automobile insurance.

624.406  Combinations of insuring powers, one insurer.

624.407  Capital funds required; new insurers.

624.40711  Restrictions on insurers that are wholly owned subsidiaries of insurers to do business in state.

624.4072  Minority-owned property and casualty insurers; limited exemption for taxation and assessments.

624.4073  Officers and directors of insolvent insurers.

624.408  Surplus as to policyholders required; new and existing insurers.

624.4085  Risk-based capital requirements for insurers.

624.40851  Confidentiality of risk-based capital information.

624.4094  Bail bond premiums.

624.4095  Premiums written; restrictions.

624.410  Permissible insuring combinations without additional capital funds.

624.411  Deposit requirement; domestic insurers and foreign insurers.

624.412  Deposit of alien insurers.

624.413  Application for certificate of authority.

624.4135  Redomestication.

624.414  Issuance or refusal of authority.

624.415  Ownership of certificate of authority; return.

624.416  Continuance, expiration, reinstatement, and amendment of certificate of authority.

624.418  Suspension, revocation of certificate of authority for violations and special grounds.

624.420  Order, notice of suspension or revocation of certificate of authority; effect; publication.

624.421  Duration of suspension; insurer's obligations during suspension period; reinstatement.

624.4211  Administrative fine in lieu of suspension or revocation.

624.4213  Trade secret documents.

624.422  Service of process; appointment of Chief Financial Officer as process agent.

624.423  Serving process.

624.424  Annual statement and other information.

624.4241  NAIC filing requirements.

624.4243  Reporting of premium growth.

624.4245  Change in controlling interest of foreign or alien insurer; report required.

624.425  Agent countersignature required, property, casualty, surety insurance.

624.426  Exceptions to countersignature law.

624.428  Licensed agent law, life and health insurances.

624.430  Withdrawal of insurer or discontinuance of writing certain kinds or lines of insurance.

624.4305  Nonrenewal of residential property insurance policies.

624.4315  Workers' compensation insurers; notice of significant underwriting change.

624.436  Florida Nonprofit Multiple-Employer Welfare Arrangement Act.

624.4361  Definitions.

624.437  "Multiple-employer welfare arrangement" defined; certificate of authority required; penalty.

624.438  General eligibility.

624.4385  Certain words prohibited in name of organization.

624.439  Filing of application.

624.4392  Fund balance.

624.44  Examination by the office.

624.441  Insolvency protection.

624.4411  Administrative, provider, and management contracts.

624.4412  Policy forms.

624.4414  Employer participants' liability.

624.4415  Assessments.

624.4416  Assessments by receiver.

624.4417  Certain sales prohibited.

624.442  Annual reports; actuarial certification; quarterly reports; penalties.

624.443  Place of business; maintenance of records.

624.4431  Administration; rules.

624.4432  Assets, liabilities, and investments.

624.444  Suspension, revocation of approval.

624.445  Order, notice, duration, effect of suspension or revocation; administrative fine.

624.446  Rehabilitation, dissolution.

624.447  Certificate of insurance for contractors.

624.448  Assets of insurers; reporting requirements.

624.45  Participation of financial institutions in reinsurance and in insurance exchanges.

624.460  Short title.

624.461  Definition.

624.462  Commercial self-insurance funds.

624.4621  Group self-insurance funds.

624.4622  Local government self-insurance funds.

624.46225  Self-insured public utilities.

624.46226  Public housing authorities self-insurance funds; exemption for taxation and assessments.

624.4623  Independent Educational Institution Self-Insurance Funds.

624.4625  Corporation not for profit self-insurance funds.

624.464  Certificate of authority required; penalties.

624.466  Application requirements for certificate of authority.

624.468  Continuing requirements for certificate of authority.

624.470  Annual reports.

624.472  Member's liability.

624.473  Dividends.

624.474  Assessments.

624.4741  Venue in assessment actions.

624.475  Tax on premiums, contributions, and assessments.

624.476  Impaired self-insurance funds.

624.477  Liquidation, rehabilitation, reorganization, and conservation.

624.480  Filing, approval, and disapproval of forms.

624.482  Making and use of rates.

624.483  Self-insurer members; payment of delinquent premiums and assessments.

624.484  Registration of agent.

624.486  Examination.

624.487  Enforcement of specified insurance provisions; adoption of rules.

624.488  Applicability of related laws.

624.489  Liability of trustees of self-insurance trust fund and directors of self-insurance funds operating as corporations.