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December 15, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XXXV
Chapter 601
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Chapter 601, Florida Statutes 2008



601.01  Short title.

601.02  Purposes.

601.03  Definitions.

601.04  Florida Citrus Commission; creation and membership.

601.045  Department auditor's report; commission meeting agenda item.

601.05  Department of Citrus a body corporate.

601.06  Compensation and expenses of commission members.

601.07  Location of executive offices.

601.08  Authenticated copies of commission records as evidence.

601.09  Citrus districts.

601.091  Florida SunRidge, Indian River, and Gulf production areas, boundaries and designation.

601.10  Powers of the Department of Citrus.

601.101  Ownership of rights under patent and trademark laws developed or acquired pursuant to the authorities of this chapter.

601.11  Power of Department of Citrus to establish standards.

601.111  Department of Citrus authorized to lower maturity standards.

601.13  Citrus research; administration by Department of Citrus; appropriation.

601.15  Advertising campaign; methods of conducting; excise tax; emergency reserve fund; citrus research.

601.152  Special marketing orders.

601.154  Citrus Stabilization Act of Florida.

601.155  Equalizing excise tax; credit; exemption.

601.16  Grapefruit maturity standards; fresh and processed.

601.17  Grapefruit; minimum ratios of solids to acid.

601.18  Grapefruit; minimum juice content.

601.19  Oranges; maturity standards.

601.20  Oranges; minimum ratios of solids to acid.

601.21  Tangerine maturity standards.

601.22  Tangerines; minimum ratios of solids to acid.

601.24  Department of Citrus to prescribe methods of testing and grading.

601.25  Determination of soluble solids and acid.

601.27  Department of Agriculture; citrus inspectors.

601.28  Inspection fees.

601.281  Road guard fees.

601.29  Powers of Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

601.31  Citrus inspectors; employment.

601.32  Compensation of inspectors.

601.33  Interference with inspectors.

601.34  Duties of law enforcement officers.

601.35  Disputes as to quality, etc.; procedure.

601.36  Inspection information required when two or more lots of fruit run simultaneously.

601.37  Unlawful acts of inspectors.

601.38  Citrus inspectors; authority.

601.39  Special inspectors.

601.40  Registration of citrus packinghouses, processing plants with department.

601.41  Operation without registration unlawful.

601.42  Revocation of registration.

601.43  Immature and unfit citrus fruit; individual sampling.

601.44  Destruction of immature fruit.

601.45  Grading of fresh citrus fruit.

601.46  Condition precedent to sale of citrus fruit.

601.461  Falsification of weights; penalty.

601.47  Condition precedent to processing citrus.

601.471  Definition of "canned or concentrated citrus fruit products" expanded.

601.48  Grading processed citrus products.

601.49  Condition precedent to selling processed citrus products.

601.50  Exemptions; sale or shipment of citrus or citrus products for certain purposes.

601.501  Charitable shipments tax-exempt.

601.51  Certification required for shipment of citrus fruit or products.

601.52  Carriers not to accept fruit unless same bears evidence of payment of excise taxes.

601.53  Unlawful to process unwholesome citrus.

601.54  Seizure of unwholesome fruit by Department of Agriculture's agents.

601.55  Citrus fruit dealer; license required.

601.56  Application for dealers' licenses; requirements.

601.57  Examination of application; approval of dealers' licenses.

601.58  Application approval or disapproval.

601.59  Dealer's license fee; agent's registration fee.

601.60  Issuance of dealers' licenses.

601.601  Registration of dealers' agents.

601.61  Bond requirements of citrus fruit dealers.

601.611  Applicable law in event ch. 61-389 held invalid.

601.64  Citrus fruit dealers; unlawful acts.

601.641  Fraudulent representations, penalties.

601.65  Liability of citrus fruit dealers.

601.66  Complaints of violations by citrus fruit dealers; procedure; bond distribution; court action on bond.

601.67  Disciplinary action by Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services against citrus fruit dealers.

601.671  Appropriation of fines collected.

601.68  Investigation of violations.

601.69  Records to be kept by citrus fruit dealers.

601.70  Inspection of records by Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

601.701  Penalty for failure to keep records.

601.72  Penalties for violations.

601.73  Additional methods of enforcement.

601.731  Transporting citrus on highways; name and dealer designation on vehicles; load identification; penalty.

601.74  Adoption of rules; fees for licensing and analysis of processing materials.

601.75  Dyes and coloring matter for citrus fruit to be certified prior to use.

601.76  Manufacturer to furnish formula and other information.

601.77  Subsequent analysis of coloring matter; inspection of packinghouses for application.

601.78  Manufacturer to post bond.

601.79  To color grapefruit and tangerines prohibited.

601.80  Unlawful to use uncertified coloring matter.

601.85  Standard shipping box for fresh fruit.

601.86  Standard field boxes for fresh citrus fruit.

601.87  Use of cleats on boxes.

601.88  Oversized boxes to be stamped.

601.89  Citrus fruit; when damaged by freezing.

601.90  Freeze-damaged citrus fruit; power of commission.

601.901  Use of freeze-damaged fruit in frozen concentrated citrus products.

601.91  Unlawful to sell, transport, prepare, receive, or deliver freeze-damaged citrus.

601.92  Use of arsenic in connection with citrus.

601.93  Sale of citrus containing arsenic.

601.94  Fruit containing arsenic; powers of inspection.

601.95  Seizure of citrus fruit containing arsenic.

601.96  Seized fruit; taking samples for analysis.

601.97  Destruction of certain fruit containing arsenic.

601.98  Shipment, sale, or offer of imported citrus fruit or citrus products.

601.981  Permits for export to foreign countries.

601.99  Unlawful to misbrand wrappers or packages containing citrus fruit.

601.9901  Certificates of inspection; form.

601.9902  Payment of salaries and expenses; Department of Citrus.

601.9903  Annual report of Department of Citrus.

601.99035  Annual travel report of Department of Citrus.

601.99036  Approval of specified salary changes.

601.9904  Rules and regulations; frozen citrus juices.

601.9905  Canned orange juice; standards; labeling.

601.9906  Processed grapefruit juice products; standards.

601.9907  Canned blended juice; standards; labeling.

601.9908  Canned tangerine juice; standards; labeling.

601.9909  Frozen concentrated orange juice; requirements; labeling.

601.9910  Legislative findings of fact; strict enforcement of maturity standard in public interest.

601.9911  Fruit may be sold or transported direct from producer.

601.9912  Penalties.

601.9913  High-density frozen concentrated orange juice; standards; labeling.

601.9914  Commission authorized to modify standards by rule.

601.9916  Addition of optional nutritive sweetening ingredients to concentrated orange juice; rules.

601.9918  Rules related to issuance and use of symbols.

601.992  Collection of dues and other payments on behalf of certain nonprofit corporations engaged in market news and grower education.