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January 19, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XXXV
Chapter 570
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Chapter 570, Florida Statutes 2008





570.01  Department created; commissioner.

570.02  Definitions.

570.06  Offices of the department.

570.07  Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; functions, powers, and duties.

570.0705  Advisory committees.

570.071  Florida Agricultural Exposition; responsibility of Departments of Agriculture and Consumer Services and Corrections.

570.072  Commodity distribution; responsibility of department; functions.

570.0725  Food recovery; legislative intent; department functions.

570.073  Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, law enforcement officers.

570.074  Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; water policy coordination.

570.075  Water supply agreements; department negotiation.

570.076  Environmental Stewardship Certification Program.

570.085  Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; agricultural water conservation.

570.09  Assistant commissioner.

570.091  Deputy commissioners.

570.092  Inspector general.

570.10  Counsel.

570.11  Directors; oath of office.

570.12  Other officers and employees.

570.13  Salary of commissioner, officers, and employees; expenses.

570.14  Seal of department.

570.15  Access to places of business and vehicles.

570.16  Interference with department employees in performance of duties.

570.17  Division of work between department and experiment station and extension service.

570.18  Organization of departmental work.

570.191  Agricultural Emergency Eradication Trust Fund.

570.1912  Funding of Agricultural Emergency Eradication Trust Fund.

570.20  General Inspection Trust Fund.

570.205  Federal Law Enforcement Trust Fund.

570.207  Conservation and Recreation Lands Program Trust Fund of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

570.21  Publication of department's bulletins, publications, and reports.

570.22  Service of process.

570.23  State Agricultural Advisory Council.

570.241  Short title.

570.242  Definitions relating to Agricultural Economic Development Act.

570.243  Agricultural Economic Development Program; legislative intent.

570.244  Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services; powers and duties.

570.245  Interaction with other economic development agencies and groups.

570.246  Agricultural economic development funding.

570.247  Promulgation of rules.

570.248  Agricultural Economic Development Project Review Committee; powers and duties.

570.249  Agricultural Economic Development Program disaster loans and grants and aid.

570.29  Departmental divisions.

570.30  Division of Administration; powers and duties.

570.31  Director; duties.

570.32  Division of Plant Industry; powers and duties.

570.33  Director; qualifications; duties.

570.34  Plant Industry Technical Council.

570.36  Division of Animal Industry; powers and duties.

570.37  Director; qualifications; duties.

570.38  Animal Industry Technical Council.

570.382  Arabian horse racing; breeders' and stallion awards; Arabian Horse Council; horse registration fees; Florida Arabian Horse Racing Promotion Account.

570.40  Division of Dairy Industry; powers and duties.

570.41  Director; qualifications; duties.

570.42  Dairy Industry Technical Council.

570.44  Division of Agricultural Environmental Services; powers and duties.

570.45  Director; duties.

570.46  Division of Standards; powers and duties.

570.47  Director; qualifications; duties.

570.48  Division of Fruit and Vegetables; powers and duties; records.

570.481  Fruit and vegetable inspection fees; penalty.

570.49  Director; duties.

570.50  Division of Food Safety; powers and duties.

570.51  Director; qualifications; duties.

570.53  Division of Marketing and Development; powers and duties.

570.531  Market Improvements Working Capital Trust Fund.

570.54  Director; duties.

570.542  Short title.

570.543  Florida Consumers' Council.

570.544  Division of Consumer Services; director; powers; processing of complaints; records.

570.545  Unsolicited goods; no obligation on part of recipient.

570.548  Division of Forestry; powers and duties.

570.549  Director; duties.

570.55  Identification of sellers or handlers of tropical or subtropical fruit and vegetables; containers specified; penalties.

570.61  Division of Aquaculture; powers and duties.

570.62  Director; duties.

570.70  Legislative findings.

570.71  Conservation easements and agreements.

570.72  Definition.

570.901  Florida Agricultural Museum.

570.902  Definitions; ss. 570.902 and 570.903.

570.903  Direct-support organization.

570.91  Florida agriculture in the classroom.

570.9135  Beef Market Development Act; definitions; Florida Beef Council, Inc., creation, purposes, governing board, powers, and duties; referendum on assessments imposed on gross receipts from cattle sales; payments to organizations for services; collecting and refunding assessments; vote on continuing the act; council bylaws.

570.92  Equestrian educational sports program.

570.951  Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park; legislative findings.

570.952  Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park Authority.

570.953  Agriculture Center and Horse Park Authority; donor identity; records; confidentiality.

570.954  Farm-to-fuel initiative.

570.957  Farm-to-Fuel Grants Program.

570.96  Agritourism.

570.961  Definitions.

570.962  Agritourism participation impact on land classification.

570.97  Gertrude Maxwell Save a Pet Direct-Support Organization.