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December 12, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 550
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Chapter 550, Florida Statutes 2008



550.001  Short title.

550.002  Definitions.

550.0115  Permitholder license.

550.01215  License application; periods of operation; bond, conversion of permit.

550.0235  Limitation of civil liability.

550.0251  The powers and duties of the Division of Pari-mutuel Wagering of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

550.0351  Charity racing days.

550.0425  Minors attendance at pari-mutuel performances; restrictions.

550.054  Application for permit to conduct pari-mutuel wagering.

550.0555  Greyhound dogracing permits; relocation within a county; conditions.

550.0651  Elections for ratification of permits.

550.0745  Conversion of pari-mutuel permit to summer jai alai permit.

550.0951  Payment of daily license fee and taxes; penalties.

550.09511  Jai alai taxes; abandoned interest in a permit for nonpayment of taxes.

550.09512  Harness horse taxes; abandoned interest in a permit for nonpayment of taxes.

550.09514  Greyhound dogracing taxes; purse requirements.

550.09515  Thoroughbred horse taxes; abandoned interest in a permit for nonpayment of taxes.

550.105  Occupational licenses of racetrack employees; fees; denial, suspension, and revocation of license; penalties and fines.

550.1155  Authority of stewards, judges, panel of judges, or player's manager to impose penalties against occupational licensees; disposition of funds collected.

550.125  Uniform reporting system; bond requirement.

550.135  Division of moneys derived under this law.

550.155  Pari-mutuel pool within track enclosure; takeouts; breaks; penalty for purchasing part of a pari-mutuel pool for or through another in specified circumstances.

550.1625  Dogracing; taxes.

550.1645  Escheat to state of abandoned interest in or contribution to pari-mutuel pools.

550.1646  Credit for unclaimed property remitted to state.

550.1647  Greyhound permitholders; unclaimed tickets; breaks.

550.1648  Greyhound adoptions.

550.175  Petition for election to revoke permit.

550.1815  Certain persons prohibited from holding racing or jai alai permits; suspension and revocation.

550.235  Conniving to prearrange result of race or jai alai game; using medication or drugs on horse or dog; penalty.

550.24055  Use of controlled substances or alcohol prohibited; testing of certain occupational licensees; penalty; evidence of test or action taken and admissibility for criminal prosecution limited.

550.2415  Racing of animals under certain conditions prohibited; penalties; exceptions.

550.255  Penalty for conducting unauthorized race meeting.

550.2614  Distribution of certain funds to a horsemen's association.

550.26165  Breeders' awards.

550.2625  Horseracing; minimum purse requirement, Florida breeders' and owners' awards.

550.2633  Horseracing; distribution of abandoned interest in or contributions to pari-mutuel pools.

550.26352  Breeders' Cup Meet; pools authorized; conflicts; taxes; credits; transmission of races; rules; application.

550.2704  Jai Alai Tournament of Champions Meet.

550.285  Obtaining feed or other supplies for racehorses or greyhound racing dogs with intent to defraud.

550.334  Quarter horse racing; substitutions.

550.3355  Harness track licenses for summer quarter horse racing.

550.3551  Transmission of racing and jai alai information; commingling of pari-mutuel pools.

550.3605  Use of electronic transmitting equipment; permit by division required.

550.3615  Bookmaking on the grounds of a permitholder; penalties; reinstatement; duties of track employees; penalty; exceptions.

550.375  Operation of certain harness tracks.

550.475  Lease of pari-mutuel facilities by pari-mutuel permitholders.

550.495  Totalisator licensing.

550.505  Nonwagering permits.

550.5251  Florida thoroughbred racing; certain permits; operating days.

550.615  Intertrack wagering.

550.625  Intertrack wagering; purses; breeders' awards.

550.6305  Intertrack wagering; guest track payments; accounting rules.

550.6308  Limited intertrack wagering license.

550.6315  Applicability of s. 565.02(5) to guest tracks.

550.6325  Uncashed tickets and breakage tax.

550.6335  Surcharge.

550.6345  Intertrack wagering; purses when host track is harness racetrack.

550.70  Jai alai general provisions; chief court judges required; extension of time to construct fronton; amateur jai alai contests permitted under certain conditions; playing days' limitations; locking of pari-mutuel machines.

550.71  Operation of ch. 96-364.

550.901  Interstate Compact on Licensure of Participants in Pari-mutuel Wagering.

550.902  Purposes.

550.903  Definitions; Interstate Compact on Licensure of Participants in Pari-mutuel Wagering.

550.904  Entry into force.

550.905  States eligible to join compact.

550.906  Withdrawal from compact; impact on force and effect.

550.907  Compact committee.

550.908  Powers and duties of compact committee.

550.909  Voting requirements.

550.910  Administration and management.

550.911  Immunity from liability for performance of official responsibilities and duties.

550.912  Rights and responsibilities of each party state.

550.913  Construction and severability.