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December 12, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 548
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Chapter 548, Florida Statutes 2008



548.001  Short title.

548.002  Definitions.

548.003  Florida State Boxing Commission.

548.004  Executive director; duties, compensation, administrative support.

548.005  Oversight of the commission; long-range policy planning; plans, reports, and recommendations.

548.006  Power of commission to control professional and amateur pugilistic contests and exhibitions; certification of competitiveness of professional mixed martial arts and kickboxing matches.

548.0065  Amateur matches; sanctioning and supervision; health and safety standards; compliance checks; continuation, suspension, and revocation of sanctioning approval.

548.007  Applicability of provisions to amateur matches and certain other matches or events.

548.008  Prohibited competitions.

548.011  Power of commission to issue, withhold, suspend, or revoke licenses and permits.

548.012  Promoter's license.

548.013  Foreign copromoter license requirement.

548.014  Promoters and foreign copromoters; bonds or other security.

548.015  Concessionaires; security.

548.017  Participants, managers, and other persons required to have licenses.

548.021  Applications for licenses and permits.

548.022  Oral examinations.

548.024  Background investigation of applicants for licensure.

548.025  License fees.

548.026  Duration of license.

548.028  Refusal to issue license.

548.032  Permit for program of matches.

548.033  Local prohibiting ordinance.

548.035  Permit fees.

548.037  Admissions not to exceed seating capacity.

548.041  Age, condition, and suspension of participants.

548.042  Participation under fictitious name.

548.043  Weights and classes, limitations; gloves.

548.046  Physician's attendance at match; examinations; cancellation of match.

548.047  Duty of licensee to disclose condition of participant.

548.049  Medical, surgical, and hospital insurance; life insurance.

548.05  Control of contracts.

548.052  Payment of advances by promoter or foreign copromoter regulated.

548.053  Distribution of purses to participants; statements.

548.054  Withholding of purses; hearing; disposition of withheld purse forfeiture.

548.056  Prohibited financial interests in participant; penalties.

548.057  Attendance of referee and judges at match; scoring; seconds.

548.058  Sham or collusive contest prohibited.

548.06  Payments to state; exemptions.

548.061  Closed circuit television.

548.064  Destruction of ticket or ticket stub.

548.066  Ticket refunds.

548.069  Age of spectators.

548.07  Suspension of license or permit by commissioner; hearing.

548.071  Suspension or revocation of license or permit by commission.

548.073  Commission hearings.

548.074  Power to administer oaths, take depositions, and issue subpoenas.

548.075  Administrative fines; citations.

548.077  Florida State Boxing Commission; collection and disposition of moneys.

548.079  Misdemeanors.