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March 20, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 500
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Chapter 500, Florida Statutes 2008



500.01  Florida Food Safety Act; short title.

500.02  Purpose of chapter.

500.03  Definitions; construction; applicability.

500.032  Declaration of policy and cooperation among departments.

500.033  Florida Food Safety and Food Defense Advisory Council.

500.04  Prohibited acts.

500.09  Rulemaking; analytical work.

500.10  Food deemed adulterated.

500.11  Food deemed misbranded.

500.115  Advertisement of food deemed false.

500.12  Food permits; building permits.

500.121  Disciplinary procedures.

500.13  Addition of poisonous or deleterious substance to food.

500.147  Inspection of food establishments and vehicles; food safety pilot program.

500.148  Reports and dissemination of information; confidentiality.

500.149  Employment of help; expenses and salaries.

500.165  Transporting shipments of food items; rules; penalty.

500.166  Records of interstate shipment.

500.167  Carriers in interstate commerce; exception.

500.169  Enforcement of federal act.

500.171  Injunction to restrain violation.

500.172  Embargoing, detaining, destroying of food or food-processing equipment that is in violation.

500.173  Causes for seizure and condemnation of foods.

500.174  Seizure; procedure; prohibition on sale or disposal of article; penalty.

500.175  Condemnation and sale; release of seized article.

500.177  Penalty for violation of s. 500.04; dissemination of false advertisement.

500.178  Duty of state attorney.

500.179  Issuance of warnings for minor violations.

500.301  Standards of enrichment for grain products; definitions.

500.302  Unlawful retail sales.

500.303  Standards established by departmental rule.

500.304  Enforcement.

500.305  Investigations; inspections.

500.306  Violations of ss. 500.301-500.305; penalty.

500.451  Horse meat; sale for human consumption.

500.459  Water vending machines.

500.511  Fees; enforcement; preemption.

500.60  Regulation of meat preempted to state.

500.601  Retail sale of meat; definitions; disclosure, penalties.