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December 18, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XXIX
Chapter 403
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Chapter 403, Part IV, Florida Statutes 2008



403.702  Legislative findings; public purpose.

403.703  Definitions.

403.7031  Limitations on definitions adopted by local ordinance.

403.7032  Recycling.

403.7033  Departmental analysis of particular recyclable materials.

403.704  Powers and duties of the department.

403.7043  Compost standards and applications.

403.7045  Application of act and integration with other acts.

403.7046  Regulation of recovered materials.

403.7049  Determination of full cost for solid waste management; local solid waste management fees.

403.705  State solid waste management program.

403.7055  Methane capture.

403.706  Local government solid waste responsibilities.

403.70605  Solid waste collection services in competition with private companies.

403.7061  Requirements for review of new waste-to-energy facility capacity by the Department of Environmental Protection.

403.70611  Requirements relating to solid waste disposal facility permitting.

403.7063  Use of private services in solid waste management.

403.7065  Procurement of products or materials with recycled content.

403.707  Permits.

403.7071  Management of storm-generated debris.

403.70715  Research, development, and demonstration permits.

403.7072  Citation of rule.

403.708  Prohibition; penalty.

403.709  Solid Waste Management Trust Fund; use of waste tire fees.

403.7095  Solid waste management grant program.

403.712  Revenue bonds.

403.7125  Financial assurance for closure.

403.713  Ownership and control of solid waste and recovered materials.

403.714  Duties of state agencies.

403.7145  Recycling.

403.715  Certification of resource recovery or recycling equipment.

403.716  Training of operators of solid waste management and other facilities.

403.717  Waste tire and lead-acid battery requirements.

403.718  Waste tire fees.

403.7185  Lead-acid battery fees.

403.71851  Electronic recycling grants.

403.71852  Collection of lead-containing products.

403.7186  Environmentally sound management of mercury-containing devices and lamps.

403.7191  Toxics in packaging.

403.7192  Batteries; requirements for consumer, manufacturers, and sellers; penalties.

403.7193  Environmental representations.

403.72  Identification, listing, and notification.

403.721  Standards, requirements, and procedures for generators and transporters of hazardous waste and owners and operators of hazardous waste facilities.

403.7211  Hazardous waste facilities managing hazardous wastes generated offsite; federal facilities managing hazardous waste.

403.7215  Tax on gross receipts of commercial hazardous waste facilities.

403.722  Permits; hazardous waste disposal, storage, and treatment facilities.

403.7222  Prohibition of hazardous waste landfills.

403.7223  Waste elimination and reduction assistance program.

403.7225  Local hazardous waste management assessments.

403.7226  Technical assistance by the department.

403.723  Siting of hazardous waste facilities.

403.7234  Small quantity generator notification and verification program.

403.7236  Local government information to be sent to the department.

403.7238  Expanded local hazardous waste management programs.

403.724  Financial responsibility.

403.7255  Placement of signs.

403.726  Abatement of imminent hazard caused by hazardous substance.

403.7264  Amnesty days for purging small quantities of hazardous wastes.

403.7265  Local hazardous waste collection program.

403.727  Violations; defenses, penalties, and remedies.

403.728  Qualifications of operation personnel of hazardous waste facilities.

403.73  Trade secrets; confidentiality.

403.74  Management of hazardous materials by governmental agencies.

403.75  Definitions relating to used oil.

403.751  Prohibited actions; used oil.

403.753  Public educational program about collection and recycling of used oil.

403.7531  Notice by retail dealer.

403.754  Registration of persons transporting, processing, burning, or marketing used oil; fees; reports and records.

403.7545  Regulation of used oil as hazardous waste.

403.757  Coordination with other state agencies.

403.758  Enforcement and penalty.

403.759  Disposition of fees, fines, and penalties.

403.760  Public used oil collection centers.

403.761  Incentives program.

403.763  Grants to local governments.

403.767  Certification of used oil transporters.

403.769  Permits for used oil processing and rerefining facilities.

403.7721  Rule of construction; chs. 85-269 and 85-277.