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December 13, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XXIX
Chapter 403
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Chapter 403, Part II, Florida Statutes 2008



403.501  Short title.

403.502  Legislative intent.

403.503  Definitions relating to Florida Electrical Power Plant Siting Act.

403.504  Department of Environmental Protection; powers and duties enumerated.

403.5055  Application for permits pursuant to s. 403.0885.

403.506  Applicability, thresholds, and certification.

403.5063  Notice of intent to file application.

403.5064  Application; schedules.

403.5065  Appointment of administrative law judge; powers and duties.

403.5066  Determination of completeness.

403.50663  Informational public meetings.

403.50665  Land use consistency.

403.507  Preliminary statements of issues, reports, project analyses, and studies.

403.508  Land use and certification hearings, parties, participants.

403.509  Final disposition of application.

403.5095  Alteration of time limits.

403.510  Superseded laws, regulations, and certification power.

403.511  Effect of certification.

403.5112  Filing of notice of certified corridor route.

403.5113  Postcertification amendments and review.

403.5115  Public notice.

403.5116  County and municipal authority unaffected by ch. 75-22.

403.512  Revocation or suspension of certification.

403.513  Review.

403.514  Enforcement of compliance.

403.515  Availability of information.

403.516  Modification of certification.

403.517  Supplemental applications for sites certified for ultimate site capacity.

403.5175  Existing electrical power plant site certification.

403.518  Fees; disposition.

403.5185  Law applicable to applications processed under ss. 403.501-403.518.

403.519  Exclusive forum for determination of need.

403.52  Short title.

403.521  Legislative intent.

403.522  Definitions relating to the Florida Electric Transmission Line Siting Act.

403.523  Department of Environmental Protection; powers and duties.

403.524  Applicability; certification; exemptions.

403.525  Administrative law judge; appointment; powers and duties.

403.5251  Application; schedules.

403.5252  Determination of completeness.

403.526  Preliminary statements of issues, reports, and project analyses; studies.

403.527  Certification hearing, parties, participants.

403.5271  Alternate corridors.

403.5272  Informational public meetings.

403.5275  Amendment to the application.

403.528  Alteration of time limits.

403.529  Final disposition of application.

403.531  Effect of certification.

403.5312  Filing of notice of certified corridor route.

403.5315  Modification of certification.

403.5317  Postcertification activities.

403.532  Revocation or suspension of certification.

403.533  Enforcement of compliance.

403.536  Superseded laws, regulations, and certification power.

403.5363  Public notices; requirements.

403.5365  Fees; disposition.

403.537  Determination of need for transmission line; powers and duties.

403.539  Certification admissible in eminent domain proceedings; attorney's fees and costs.