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March 22, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XXIX
Chapter 403
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Chapter 403, Part I, Florida Statutes 2008



403.011  Short title.

403.021  Legislative declaration; public policy.

403.031  Definitions.

403.051  Meetings; hearings and procedure.

403.061  Department; powers and duties.

403.0611  Alternative methods of regulatory permitting; department duties.

403.0615  Water resources restoration and preservation.

403.062  Pollution control; underground, surface, and coastal waters.

403.0623  Environmental data; quality assurance.

403.0625  Environmental laboratory certification; water quality tests conducted by a certified laboratory.

403.063  Groundwater quality monitoring.

403.064  Reuse of reclaimed water.

403.0645  Reclaimed water use at state facilities.

403.067  Establishment and implementation of total maximum daily loads.

403.072  Pollution Prevention Act.

403.073  Pollution prevention; state goal; agency programs; public education.

403.074  Technical assistance by the department.

403.075  Legislative findings.

403.0752  Ecosystem management agreements.

403.081  Performance by other state agencies.

403.085  Sanitary sewage disposal units; advanced and secondary waste treatment; industrial waste treatment.

403.086  Sewage disposal facilities; advanced and secondary waste treatment.

403.08601  Leah Schad Memorial Ocean Outfall Program.

403.0861  Scallop processing; discharge standards.

403.0862  Discharge of waste from state groundwater cleanup operations to publicly owned treatment works.

403.087  Permits; general issuance; denial; revocation; prohibition; penalty.

403.0871  Florida Permit Fee Trust Fund.

403.0872  Operation permits for major sources of air pollution; annual operation license fee.

403.0873  Florida Air-Operation License Fee Account.

403.08735  Air emissions trading.

403.0875  Citation of rule.

403.0876  Permits; processing.

403.0877  Certification by professionals regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

403.088  Water pollution operation permits; conditions.

403.0881  Wastewater or reuse or disposal systems or water treatment works; construction permits.

403.0882  Discharge of demineralization concentrate.

403.0885  Establishment of federally approved state National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program.

403.08852  Clarification of requirements under rule 62-302.520(2), F.A.C.

403.0891  State, regional, and local stormwater management plans and programs.

403.0893  Stormwater funding; dedicated funds for stormwater management.

403.0896  Training and assistance for stormwater management system personnel.

403.091  Inspections.

403.092  Package sewage treatment facilities; inspection.

403.111  Confidential records.

403.121  Enforcement; procedure; remedies.

403.131  Injunctive relief, remedies.

403.135  Persons who accept wastewater for spray irrigation; civil liability.

403.141  Civil liability; joint and several liability.

403.151  Compliance with rules or orders of department.

403.161  Prohibitions, violation, penalty, intent.

403.1651  Ecosystem Management and Restoration Trust Fund.

403.1655  Environmental short-term emergency response program.

403.1815  Construction of water distribution mains and sewage collection and transmission systems; local regulation.

403.182  Local pollution control programs.

403.1832  Department to accept federal aid; Grants and Donations Trust Fund.

403.1834  State bonds to finance or refinance facilities; exemption from taxation.

403.1835  Water pollution control financial assistance.

403.1837  Florida Water Pollution Control Financing Corporation.

403.1838  Small Community Sewer Construction Assistance Act.

403.191  Construction in relation to other law.

403.201  Variances.

403.231  Department of Legal Affairs to represent the state.

403.251  Safety clause.

403.281  Definitions; weather modification law.

403.291  Purpose of weather modification law.

403.301  Artificial weather modification operation; license required.

403.311  Application for weather modification licensing; fee.

403.321  Proof of financial responsibility.

403.331  Issuance of license; suspension or revocation; renewal.

403.341  Filing and publication of notice of intention to operate; limitation on area and time.

403.351  Contents of notice of intention.

403.361  Publication of notice of intention.

403.371  Proof of publication.

403.381  Record and reports of operations.

403.391  Emergency licenses.

403.401  Suspension or revocation of license.

403.411  Penalty.

403.412  Environmental Protection Act.

403.413  Florida Litter Law.

403.4131  Litter control.

403.41315  Comprehensive illegal dumping, litter, and marine debris control and prevention.

403.4132  Litter pickup and removal.

403.4133  Adopt-a-Shore Program.

403.4135  Litter receptacles.

403.414  Environmental award program.

403.415  Motor vehicle noise.

403.4151  Exempt motor vehicles.

403.4153  Federal preemption.

403.4154  Phosphogypsum management program.

403.4155  Phosphogypsum management; rulemaking authority.

403.42  Florida Clean Fuel Act.

403.44  Florida Climate Protection Act.