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December 12, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XXIX
Chapter 402
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Chapter 402, Florida Statutes 2008



402.04  Award of scholarships and stipends; disbursement of funds; administration.

402.05  Requisites for holding scholarship and stipend.

402.06  Notes required of scholarship holders.

402.07  Payment of notes.

402.115  Sharing confidential or exempt information.

402.12  National Community Mental Health Centers Act.

402.16  Proceedings by department.

402.161  Authorization for sale of property.

402.164  Legislative intent; definitions.

402.165  Florida Statewide Advocacy Council; confidential records and meetings.

402.166  Florida local advocacy councils; confidential records and meetings.

402.167  Duties of state agencies that provide client services relating to the Florida Statewide Advocacy Council and the Florida local advocacy councils.

402.17  Claims for care and maintenance; trust property.

402.18  Welfare trust funds created; use of.

402.181  State Institutions Claims Program.

402.185  Productivity enhancing technology.

402.19  Photographing records; destruction of records; effect as evidence.

402.20  County contracts authorized for services and facilities for mental health and developmental disabilities.

402.22  Education program for students who reside in residential care facilities operated by the Department of Children and Family Services or the Agency for Persons with Disabilities.

402.24  Recovery of third-party payments for medical services.

402.25  Infants and toddlers in state-funded education and care programs; brain development activities.

402.26  Child care; legislative intent.

402.281  Gold Seal Quality Care program.

402.301  Child care facilities; legislative intent and declaration of purpose and policy.

402.3016  Early Head Start collaboration grants.

402.3018  Consultation to child care centers and family day care homes regarding health, developmental, disability, and special needs issues.

402.302  Definitions.

402.3025  Public and nonpublic schools.

402.3026  Full-service schools.

402.3045  Requirement for distinguishable definitions of child care.

402.305  Licensing standards; child care facilities.

402.30501  Modification of introductory child care course for community college credit authorized.

402.3051  Child care market rate reimbursement; child care grants.

402.3054  Child enrichment service providers.

402.3055  Child care personnel requirements.

402.3057  Persons not required to be refingerprinted or rescreened.

402.306  Designation of licensing agency; dissemination by the department and local licensing agency of information on child care.

402.307  Approval of licensing agency.

402.308  Issuance of license.

402.309  Provisional license or registration.

402.310  Disciplinary actions; hearings upon denial, suspension, or revocation of license or registration; administrative fines.

402.311  Inspection.

402.3115  Elimination of duplicative and unnecessary inspections; abbreviated inspections.

402.312  License required; injunctive relief.

402.3125  Display and appearance of license; posting of violations; information to be provided to parents.

402.313  Family day care homes.

402.3131  Large family child care homes.

402.3135  Subsidized child care case management program.

402.314  Supportive services.

402.3145  Subsidized child care transportation program.

402.315  Funding; license fees.

402.316  Exemptions.

402.317  Prolonged child care.

402.318  Advertisement.

402.319  Penalties.

402.33  Department authority to charge fees for services provided.

402.34  Body corporate.

402.35  Employees.

402.40  Child welfare training.

402.401  Florida Child Welfare Student Loan Forgiveness Program.

402.41  Educational materials and training concerning HIV infections and AIDS.

402.45  Community resource mother or father program.

402.47  Foster grandparent and retired senior volunteer services to high-risk and handicapped children.

402.49  Mediation process established.

402.50  Administrative infrastructure; legislative intent; establishment of standards.

402.55  Management fellows program.

402.56  Children's cabinet; organization; responsibilities; annual report.

402.70  Interagency agreement between Department of Health and Department of Children and Family Services.

402.71  Transfer of funds, positions, and budget authority within department.

402.73  Contracting and performance standards.

402.7305  Department of Children and Family Services; procurement of contractual services; contract management.

402.731  Department of Children and Family Services certification programs for employees and service providers; employment provisions for transition to community-based care.

402.80  Office of Community Partners.