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December 14, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XXIX
Chapter 383
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Chapter 383, Florida Statutes 2008



383.011  Administration of maternal and child health programs.

383.0115  The Commission on Marriage and Family Support Initiatives.

383.013  Prenatal care.

383.015  Breastfeeding.

383.016  Breastfeeding policy for "baby-friendly" facilities providing maternity services and newborn infant care.

383.04  Prophylactic required for eyes of infants.

383.06  Report of inflammation or discharge in infant's eyes.

383.07  Penalty for violation.

383.11  Reports.

383.13  Use of information by department.

383.14  Screening for metabolic disorders, other hereditary and congenital disorders, and environmental risk factors.

383.145  Newborn and infant hearing screening.

383.15  Legislative intent; perinatal intensive care services.

383.16  Definitions; ss. 383.15-383.21.

383.17  Regional perinatal intensive care centers program; authority.

383.18  Contracts; conditions.

383.19  Standards; funding; ineligibility.

383.21  Program review.

383.216  Community-based prenatal and infant health care.

383.2161  Maternal and child health report.

383.2162  Black infant health practice initiative.

383.30  Birth Center Licensure Act; short title.

383.301  Licensure and regulation of birth centers; legislative intent.

383.302  Definitions of terms used in ss. 383.30-383.335.

383.305  Licensure; fees.

383.307  Administration of birth center.

383.308  Birth center facility and equipment; requirements.

383.309  Minimum standards for birth centers; rules and enforcement.

383.31  Selection of clients; informed consent.

383.3105  Patients consenting to adoptions; protocols.

383.311  Education and orientation for birth center clients and their families.

383.312  Prenatal care of birth center clients.

383.313  Performance of laboratory and surgical services; use of anesthetic and chemical agents.

383.315  Agreements with consultants for advice or services; maintenance.

383.316  Transfer and transport of clients to hospitals.

383.318  Postpartum care for birth center clients and infants.

383.32  Clinical records.

383.324  Inspections and investigations; inspection fees.

383.325  Inspection reports.

383.327  Birth and death records; reports.

383.33  Administrative penalties; moratorium on admissions.

383.332  Establishing, managing, or operating a birth center without a license; penalty.

383.335  Partial exemptions.

383.336  Provider hospitals; practice parameters; peer review board.

383.3361  Limitations on civil and administrative liability.

383.3362  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

383.33625  Stephanie Saboor Grieving Parents Act; disposition of fetus; notification; forms developed.

383.402  Child abuse death review; State Child Abuse Death Review Committee; local child abuse death review committees.

383.412  Public records and public meetings exemptions.

383.50  Treatment of surrendered newborn infant.

383.51  Confidentiality; identification of parent leaving newborn infant at hospital, emergency medical services station, or fire station.