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December 18, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 379
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Chapter 379, Part I, Florida Statutes 2008



379.101  Definitions.

379.102  Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

379.1025  Powers, duties, and authority of commission; rules, regulations, and orders.

379.10255  Headquarters of commission.

379.103  Duties of executive director.

379.104  Right to hunt and fish.

379.105  Harassment of hunters, trappers, or fishers.

379.106  Administration of commission grant programs.

379.201  Administrative Trust Fund.

379.202  Conservation and Recreation Lands Program Trust Fund of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

379.203  Dedicated License Trust Fund.

379.204  Federal Grants Trust Fund.

379.205  Florida Panther Research and Management Trust Fund.

379.206  Grants and Donations Trust Fund.

379.207  Lifetime Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund.

379.208  Marine Resources Conservation Trust Fund; purposes.

379.209  Nongame Wildlife Trust Fund.

379.211  State Game Trust Fund.

379.212  Fish and Wildlife Habitat Program.

379.2201  Deposit of license fees; allocation of federal funds.

379.2202  Expenditure of funds.

379.2203  Disposition of fines, penalties, and forfeitures.

379.2211  Florida waterfowl permit revenues.

379.2212  Florida wild turkey permit revenues.

379.2213  Management area permit revenues.

379.2222  Acquisition of state game lands.

379.2223  Control and management of state game lands.

379.2224  Preserves, refuges, etc., not tax-exempt.

379.2225  Everglades recreational sites; definitions.

379.223  Citizen support organizations; use of state property; audit.

379.224  Memorandum of agreement relating to Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

379.2251  Agreements with Federal Government for the preservation of saltwater fisheries; authority of commission.

379.2252  Compacts and agreements; generally.

379.2253  Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Compact; implementing legislation.

379.2254  Gulf States Marine Fisheries Compact; implementing legislation.

379.2255  Wildlife Violator Compact Act.

379.2256  Compact licensing and enforcement authority; administrative review.

379.2257  Cooperative agreements with U. S. Forest Service; penalty.

379.2258  Assent to provisions of Act of Congress of September 2, 1937.

379.2259  Assent to federal acts.

379.226  Florida Territorial Waters Act; alien-owned commercial fishing vessels; prohibited acts; enforcement.

379.2271  Harmful-Algal-Bloom Task Force.

379.2272  Harmful-algal-bloom program; implementation; goals; funding.

379.2281  Jim Woodruff Dam; reciprocity agreements.

379.2282  St. Marys River; reciprocity agreements.

379.2291  Endangered and Threatened Species Act.

379.2292  Endangered and Threatened Species Reward Program.

379.23  Federal conservation of fish and wildlife; limited jurisdiction.

379.231  Regulation of foreign animals.

379.232  Water bottoms.

379.233  Release of balloons.

379.2341  Publications by the commission.

379.2342  Private publication agreements; advertising; costs of production.

379.2351  Land-based commercial and recreational fishing activities; legislative findings and purpose; definitions; legal protection; local ordinances; prohibited activity.

379.2352  State employment; priority consideration for qualified displaced employees of the saltwater fishing industry.

379.2353  Enterprise zone designation; communities adversely impacted by net limitations.

379.236  Retention, destruction, and reproduction of commission records.

379.237  Courts of equity may enjoin.