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March 24, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 377
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Chapter 377, Part I, Florida Statutes 2008



377.01  Governor to enter into interstate compact to conserve oil and gas.

377.03  Extension of compact.

377.04  Official report of state.

377.06  Public policy of state concerning natural resources of oil and gas.

377.07  Division of Resource Management; powers, duties, and authority.

377.075  Division of Technical Services; geological functions.

377.10  Certain persons not to be employed by division.

377.18  Common sources of oil and gas.

377.19  Definitions.

377.20  Waste prohibited.

377.21  Jurisdiction of division.

377.22  Rules and orders.

377.23  Monthly reports to division.

377.24  Notice of intention to drill well; permits; abandoned wells and dry holes.

377.2408  Application to conduct geophysical operations.

377.2409  Geophysical activities; confidential information; penalties.

377.241  Criteria for issuance of permits.

377.2411  Lawful right to drill, develop, or explore.

377.242  Permits for drilling or exploring and extracting through well holes or by other means.

377.2421  Division to review federal applications.

377.2424  Conditions for granting permits for geophysical operations.

377.2425  Manner of providing security for geophysical exploration, drilling, and production.

377.2426  Abandonment of geophysical holes.

377.243  Conditions for granting permits for extraction through well holes.

377.244  Conditions for granting permits for surface exploratory and extraction operations.

377.245  Provision for distribution of earnings to lessees or owners of the fractional undivided mineral rights not owned by applicant for permit under ss. 377.243 and 377.244.

377.247  Designation and distribution of earnings owed to owners of mineral rights who are unknown or unlocated.

377.25  Production pools; drilling units.

377.26  Location of wells.

377.27  Drilling units.

377.28  Cycling, pooling, and unitization of oil and gas.

377.29  Agreements in interest of conservation.

377.30  Limitation on amount of oil or gas taken.

377.31  Evidence of rules and orders.

377.32  Issuance of subpoenas; service, etc.

377.33  Injunctions against division.

377.34  Actions and injunctions by division.

377.35  Suits, proceedings, appeals, etc.

377.36  False entries and statements; incomplete entries; penalties.

377.37  Penalties.

377.371  Pollution prohibited; reporting, liability.

377.38  Illegal oil, gas, and other products; sale, purchase, acquisition, transportation, refining, processing, or handling prohibited.

377.39  Seizure and sale of illegal oil, gas, or product.

377.40  Negligently permitting gas and oil to go wild or out of control.

377.41  Disposition of fines.

377.42  Big Cypress Swamp Advisory Committee.