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December 16, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 376
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Chapter 376, Florida Statutes 2008



376.011  Pollutant Discharge Prevention and Control Act; short title.

376.021  Legislative intent with respect to pollution of coastal waters and lands.

376.031  Definitions; ss. 376.011-376.21.

376.041  Pollution of waters and lands of the state prohibited.

376.051  Powers and duties of the Department of Environmental Protection.

376.065  Operation of terminal facility without discharge prevention and response certificate prohibited; penalty.

376.07  Regulatory powers of department; penalties for inadequate booming by terminal facilities.

376.0705  Development of training programs and educational materials.

376.071  Discharge contingency plan for vessels.

376.09  Removal of prohibited discharges.

376.10  Personnel and equipment.

376.11  Florida Coastal Protection Trust Fund.

376.12  Liabilities and defenses of responsible parties; liabilities of third parties; financial security requirements for vessels; liability of cargo owners; notification requirements.

376.121  Liability for damage to natural resources.

376.123  Claims against the Florida Coastal Protection Trust Fund.

376.13  Emergency proclamation; Governor's powers.

376.14  Vessels; financial responsibility; claims against providers of financial responsibility; service of process against responsible parties.

376.15  Derelict vessels; removal from public waters.

376.16  Enforcement and penalties.

376.165  "Hold-harmless" agreements prohibited.

376.17  Reports to the Legislature.

376.19  County and municipal ordinances; powers limited.

376.20  Limitation on application.

376.205  Individual cause of action for damages under ss. 376.011-376.21.

376.207  Traps impregnated with pollutants prohibited.

376.21  Construction of ss. 376.011-376.21.

376.25  Gambling vessels; registration; required and prohibited releases.

376.30  Legislative intent with respect to pollution of surface and ground waters.

376.301  Definitions of terms used in ss. 376.30-376.317, 376.70, and 376.75.

376.302  Prohibited acts; penalties.

376.303  Powers and duties of the Department of Environmental Protection.

376.304  Review and analysis of disposal materials or byproducts; disposal at designated local government solid waste disposal facilities.

376.305  Removal of prohibited discharges.

376.306  Cattle-dipping vats; legislative findings; liability.

376.307  Water Quality Assurance Trust Fund.

376.30701  Application of risk-based corrective action principles to contaminated sites; applicability; legislative intent; rulemaking authority; contamination cleanup criteria; limitations; reopeners.

376.30702  Contamination notification.

376.3071  Inland Protection Trust Fund; creation; purposes; funding.

376.30711  Preapproved site rehabilitation, effective March 29, 1995.

376.30713  Preapproved advanced cleanup.

376.30714  Site rehabilitation agreements.

376.30715  Innocent victim petroleum storage system restoration.

376.30716  Cleanup of certain sites.

376.3072  Florida Petroleum Liability and Restoration Insurance Program.

376.3073  Local programs and state agency programs for control of contamination.

376.3075  Inland Protection Financing Corporation.

376.3077  Unlawful to deposit motor fuel in tank required to be registered, without proof of registration display.

376.3078  Drycleaning facility restoration; funds; uses; liability; recovery of expenditures.

376.30781  Tax credits for rehabilitation of drycleaning-solvent-contaminated sites and brownfield sites in designated brownfield areas; application process; rulemaking authority; revocation authority.

376.3079  Third-party liability insurance.

376.308  Liabilities and defenses of facilities.

376.309  Facilities, financial responsibility.

376.311  Penalties for a discharge.

376.313  Nonexclusiveness of remedies and individual cause of action for damages under ss. 376.30-376.317.

376.315  Construction of ss. 376.30-376.317.

376.317  Superseded laws; state preemption.

376.320  Applicability.

376.321  Definitions; ss. 376.320-376.326.

376.322  Powers and duties of the department.

376.323  Registration.

376.324  Containment and integrity plan.

376.325  Alternative to containment and integrity plan requirements.

376.326  Application of s. 376.317.

376.40  Petroleum exploration and production; purposes; funding.

376.60  Asbestos removal program inspection and notification fee.

376.70  Tax on gross receipts of drycleaning facilities.

376.71  Registration fee and gross receipts tax; exemptions.

376.75  Tax on production or importation of perchloroethylene.

376.77  Short title.

376.78  Legislative intent.

376.79  Definitions relating to Brownfields Redevelopment Act.

376.80  Brownfield program administration process.

376.81  Brownfield site and brownfield areas contamination cleanup criteria.

376.82  Eligibility criteria and liability protection.

376.83  Violation; penalties.

376.84  Brownfield redevelopment economic incentives.

376.85  Annual report.

376.86  Brownfield Areas Loan Guarantee Program.