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December 12, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Chapter 364
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Chapter 364, Part I, Florida Statutes 2008



364.01  Powers of commission, legislative intent.

364.011  Exemptions from commission jurisdiction.

364.012  Consistency with federal law.

364.013  Emerging and advanced services.

364.015  Injunctive relief.

364.016  Travel costs.

364.02  Definitions.

364.025  Universal service.

364.0251  Competitive providers of local service; implementation of consumer information program required.

364.0252  Expansion of consumer information programs; customer assistance; rulemaking authority.

364.03  Rates to be reasonable; performance of service; maintenance of telecommunications facilities.

364.035  Rate fixing; criteria service complaints.

364.0361  Local government authority; nondiscriminatory exercise.

364.037  Telephone directory advertising revenues.

364.04  Schedules of rates, tolls, rentals, contracts, and charges; filing; public inspection.

364.05  Changing rates, tolls, rentals, contracts, or charges.

364.051  Price regulation.

364.052  Regulatory methods for small local exchange telecommunications companies.

364.055  Interim rates; procedure.

364.057  Experimental and transitional rates and services.

364.058  Limited proceedings.

364.059  Procedures for seeking stay; benchmark; criteria.

364.06  Joint rates, tolls, contracts, or charges.

364.063  Rate adjustment orders.

364.07  Joint contracts; intrastate interexchange service contracts.

364.08  Unlawful to charge other than schedule rates or charges; free service and reduced rates prohibited.

364.09  Giving rebate or special rate prohibited.

364.10  Undue advantage to person or locality prohibited; Lifeline service.

364.105  Discounted rate for basic service for former Lifeline subscribers.

364.107  Public records exemption; Lifeline Assistance Plan participants.

364.14  Readjustment of rates, charges, tolls, or rentals; order or rule compelling facilities to be installed, etc.

364.15  Compelling repairs, improvements, changes, additions, or extensions.

364.16  Connection of lines and transfers; local interconnection; telephone number portability.

364.161  Unbundling and resale.

364.162  Negotiated prices for interconnection and for the resale of services and facilities; commission rate setting.

364.163  Network access services.

364.17  Forms of reports, accounts, records, and memoranda.

364.18  Inspection of accounts and records of companies.

364.183  Access to company records.

364.185  Investigations and inspections; power of commission.

364.19  Telecommunications service contracts; regulation by commission.

364.195  Termination of telecommunications service contract by a servicemember.

364.24  Penalty for making telephone message or customer account information known.

364.245  Discontinuation of telecommunications service used for unlawful purpose.

364.27  Powers and duties as to interstate rates, fares, charges, classifications, or rules of practice.

364.285  Penalties.

364.30  Telecommunications companies; points of connection.

364.32  Definitions applicable to ss. 364.33, 364.337, 364.345 and 364.37.

364.33  Certificate of necessity prerequisite to construction, operation, or control of telecommunications facilities.

364.335  Application for certificate.

364.336  Regulatory assessment fees.

364.337  Competitive local exchange telecommunications companies; intrastate interexchange telecommunications services; certification.

364.3375  Pay telephone service providers.

364.3376  Operator services.

364.3381  Cross-subsidization.

364.3382  Disclosure.

364.339  Shared tenant service; regulation by commission; certification; limitation as to designated carriers.

364.345  Certificates; territory served; transfer.

364.37  Controversy concerning territory to be served; powers of commission.

364.381  Judicial review.

364.385  Saving clauses.

364.386  Reports to the Legislature.

364.501  Telecommunications company underground excavation damage prevention.

364.503  Merger or acquisition.