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December 12, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XXVI
Chapter 337
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Chapter 337, Florida Statutes 2008



337.015  Administration of public contracts.

337.02  Purchases by department subject to competitive bids; advertisement; emergency purchases; bid specifications.

337.023  Sale of building; acceptance of replacement building.

337.025  Innovative highway projects; department to establish program.

337.026  Authority of department to enter into agreements for construction aggregate materials.

337.0261  Construction aggregate materials.

337.03  Authority of department to purchase surplus properties from the Federal Government.

337.105  Qualifications of professional consultants and other providers of contractual services; performance bonds; and audits of indirect costs.

337.106  Professional service providers; requirement for professional liability insurance.

337.107  Contracts for right-of-way services.

337.1075  Contracts for planning services.

337.108  Hazardous materials and pollutants; indemnification.

337.11  Contracting authority of department; bids; emergency repairs, supplemental agreements, and change orders; combined design and construction contracts; progress payments; records; requirements of vehicle registration.

337.111  Contracting for monuments and memorials to military veterans at rest areas.

337.125  Socially and economically disadvantaged business enterprises; notice requirements.

337.135  Socially and economically disadvantaged business enterprises; punishment for false representation.

337.137  Subcontracting by socially and economically disadvantaged business enterprises; decertification.

337.139  Efforts to encourage awarding contracts to disadvantaged business enterprises.

337.14  Application for qualification; certificate of qualification; restrictions; request for hearing.

337.141  Payment of construction or maintenance contracts.

337.145  Offsetting payments.

337.16  Disqualification of delinquent contractors from bidding; determination of contractor nonresponsibility; denial, suspension, and revocation of certificates of qualification; grounds; hearing.

337.162  Professional services.

337.164  Legislative intent with respect to integrity of public contracting process.

337.165  Contract crime; denial or revocation of a certificate of qualification.

337.166  Moneys recovered for violations of antitrust laws.

337.167  Administrative procedures; stays and injunctions.

337.168  Confidentiality of official estimates, identities of potential bidders, and bid analysis and monitoring system.

337.169  Effect of ch. 83-4 on existing remedies.

337.17  Bid guaranty.

337.175  Retainage.

337.18  Surety bonds for construction or maintenance contracts; requirement with respect to contract award; bond requirements; defaults; damage assessments.

337.185  State Arbitration Board.

337.19  Suits by and against department; limitation of actions; forum.

337.195  Limits on liability.

337.221  Claims settlement process.

337.242  Acquisition of rail corridors.

337.243  Notification of land use changes in designated transportation corridors.

337.25  Acquisition, lease, and disposal of real and personal property.

337.2505  Donations for landscape projects.

337.251  Lease of property for joint public-private development and areas above or below department property.

337.26  Execution and effect of instruments of sale, lease, or conveyance executed by department.

337.27  Exercise of power of eminent domain by department; procedure; title; cost.

337.273  Transportation corridors.

337.2735  Recording of municipal maps of reservation for transportation corridors and transportation facilities; establishment of building setback lines; restrictions on issuance of development permits; hearings.

337.274  Authority of department agent or employee to enter lands, waters, and premises of another in the performance of duties.

337.276  Issuance of bonds for right-of-way land acquisition and state bridge construction.

337.29  Vesting of title to roads; liability for torts.

337.401  Use of right-of-way for utilities subject to regulation; permit; fees.

337.402  Damage to public road caused by utility.

337.403  Relocation of utility; expenses.

337.404  Removal or relocation of utility facilities; notice and order; court review.

337.405  Trees or other vegetation within rights-of-way of State Highway System or publicly owned rail corridors; removal or damage; penalty.

337.406  Unlawful use of state transportation facility right-of-way; penalties.

337.4061  Definitions; unlawful use of state-maintained road right-of-way by nonfranchised cable and video services.

337.407  Regulation of signs and lights within rights-of-way.

337.408  Regulation of benches, transit shelters, street light poles, waste disposal receptacles, and modular news racks within rights-of-way.

337.409  Willfully or maliciously removing, damaging, destroying, altering, or appropriating benches, transit shelters, waste receptacles, or advertising displayed thereon; penalty.