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March 20, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XIX
Chapter 287
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Chapter 287, Part I, Florida Statutes 2008



287.001  Legislative intent.

287.012  Definitions.

287.017  Purchasing categories, threshold amounts; procedures for automatic adjustment by department.

287.022  Purchase of insurance.

287.025  Prohibition against certain insurance coverage on specified state property or insurable subjects.

287.032  Purpose of department.

287.042  Powers, duties, and functions.

287.045  Procurement of products and materials with recycled content.

287.055  Acquisition of professional architectural, engineering, landscape architectural, or surveying and mapping services; definitions; procedures; contingent fees prohibited; penalties.

287.056  Purchases from purchasing agreements and state term contracts.

287.057  Procurement of commodities or contractual services.

287.0571  Applicability of ss. 287.0571-287.0574.

287.0572  Present-value methodology.

287.05721  Definitions.

287.0573  Council on Efficient Government; membership; duties.

287.0574  Business cases to outsource; review and analysis; requirements.

287.058  Contract document.

287.05805  Contract requirement for use of state funds to purchase or improve real property.

287.0582  Contracts which require annual appropriation; contingency statement.

287.0585  Late payments by contractors to subcontractors and suppliers; penalty.

287.059  Private attorney services.

287.0595  Pollution response action contracts; department rules.

287.063  Deferred-payment commodity contracts; preaudit review.

287.064  Consolidated financing of deferred-payment purchases.

287.0641  Agreement not debt or pledge of faith or credit of state.

287.0731  Team for contract negotiations.

287.074  Prohibited actions by contractor personnel.

287.075  Materially interested contractor; prohibition on certain activities.

287.076  Project Management Professionals training for personnel involved in managing outsourcings; funding.

287.082  Commodities manufactured, grown, or produced in state given preference.

287.0821  All American and Genuine Florida meat or meat products.

287.0822  Beef and pork; prohibition on purchase; bid specifications; penalty.

287.083  Purchase of commodities.

287.0834  Motor vehicles; energy-saving equipment and additives.

287.084  Preference to Florida businesses.

287.087  Preference to businesses with drug-free workplace programs.

287.092  Preference to certain foreign manufacturers.

287.093  Minority business enterprises; procurement of personal property and services from funds set aside for such purpose.

287.0931  Minority business enterprises; participation in bond underwriting.

287.0935  Surety bond insurers.

287.094  Minority business enterprise programs; penalty for discrimination and false representation.

287.0943  Certification of minority business enterprises.

287.09431  Statewide and interlocal agreement on certification of business concerns for the status of minority business enterprise.

287.09451  Office of Supplier Diversity; powers, duties, and functions.

287.0947  Florida Advisory Council on Small and Minority Business Development; creation; membership; duties.

287.095  Department of Corrections; prison industry programs.

287.115  Chief Financial Officer; annual report.

287.131  Assistance of Department of Financial Services.

287.132  Legislative intent with respect to integrity of public contracting and purchasing process.

287.133  Public entity crime; denial or revocation of the right to transact business with public entities.

287.134  Discrimination; denial or revocation of the right to transact business with public entities.

287.1345  Surcharge on users of state term contracts; deposit of proceeds collected.