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March 19, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XVII
Chapter 250
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Chapter 250, Part I, Florida Statutes 2008



250.01  Definitions.

250.02  Militia.

250.03  Military law of the state.

250.04  Naval militia; marine corps.

250.05  Department of Military Affairs.

250.06  Commander in chief.

250.07  Florida National Guard; composition; departmental organization.

250.08  Florida National Guard organized.

250.09  Appropriations, property, and equipment.

250.10  Appointment and duties of the Adjutant General.

250.115  Department of Military Affairs direct-support organization.

250.12  Appointment of commissioned and warrant officers.

250.16  Authority to incur charge against state.

250.175  Trust funds; authorization; name; purpose.

250.18  Commissioned officers and warrant officers; clothing and uniform allowance.

250.19  Expenses for travel on military business.

250.20  Armory operations; allowances.

250.22  Retirement.

250.23  Pay for state active duty.

250.24  Pay and expenses; appropriation; procedures.

250.25  Governor and Chief Financial Officer authorized to borrow money.

250.26  Transfer of funds.

250.28  Military support to civil authorities.

250.29  Duty of officer receiving order to provide emergency aid to civil authority; penalty for failure to comply.

250.30  Orders of civil authorities; tactical direction of troops; efforts to disperse before attack.

250.31  Liability of members of the organized militia; defense of actions or proceedings.

250.32  Commanding officer's control of arms sales.

250.33  Powers of commanding officer on state active duty.

250.34  Injury or death on state active duty.

250.341  Cancellation of health insurance.

250.35  Courts-martial.

250.351  Court-martial; jurisdiction.

250.36  Mandates and process.

250.37  Expenses of courts-martial.

250.375  Medical officer authorization.

250.38  Liability.

250.39  Penalty for contempt.

250.40  Armory Board; creation; membership, terms, and compensation; duties and responsibilities.

250.43  Wearing of uniform and insignia of rank; penalty.

250.44  Military equipment regulations; penalties.

250.45  Military uniform discriminated against; penalty.

250.46  Salaried employees not entitled to additional pay.

250.47  Governor's permission for unit to leave state.

250.48  Leaves of absence.

250.481  Reserve components; employment discrimination prohibited.

250.4815  Professional license of servicemember not to expire while member on federal active duty.

250.482  Troops ordered into state active service; not to be penalized by employers and postsecondary institutions.

250.49  Annual encampment.

250.51  Insult to troops; penalty.

250.52  Unlawful to persuade citizens not to enlist; penalty.

250.5201  Stay of proceedings where troops called out into state active duty or active duty.

250.5202  Actions for rent or possession by landlord during state active duty.

250.5204  Installment contracts for purchase of property; penalty.

250.5205  Mortgages, trust deeds, etc.; penalty.

250.5206  Family Readiness Program.