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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XIV
Chapter 216
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Chapter 216, Florida Statutes 2008



216.011  Definitions.

216.012  Long-range financial outlook.

216.013  Long-range program plan.

216.015  Capital facilities planning and budgeting process.

216.0152  Inventory of state-owned facilities or state-occupied facilities.

216.0158  Assessment of facility needs.

216.016  Evaluation of plans; determination of financing method.

216.023  Legislative budget requests to be furnished to Legislature by agencies.

216.0236  Agency fees for regulatory services or oversight; criteria.

216.031  Target budget request.

216.043  Budgets for fixed capital outlay.

216.044  Budget evaluation by Department of Management Services.

216.0442  Truth in bonding; definitions; summary of state debt; statement of proposed financing; truth-in-bonding statement.

216.0446  Review of information technology resources needs.

216.052  Community budget requests; appropriations.

216.053  Summary information in the General Appropriations Act; construction of such information.

216.065  Fiscal impact statements on actions affecting the budget.

216.071  Reports of Legislature.

216.081  Data on legislative and judicial branch expenses.

216.102  Filing of financial information; handling by Chief Financial Officer; penalty for noncompliance.

216.103  Agencies receiving federal funds; designation of coordinating official; duties.

216.121  Information to be furnished to the Executive Office of the Governor.

216.131  Public hearings on legislative budgets.

216.133  Definitions; ss. 216.133-216.137.

216.134  Consensus estimating conferences; general provisions.

216.135  Use of official information by state agencies and the judicial branch.

216.136  Consensus estimating conferences; duties and principals.

216.137  Sessions of consensus estimating conferences; workpapers.

216.141  Budget system procedures; planning and programming by state agencies.

216.151  Duties of the Executive Office of the Governor.

216.162  Governor's recommended budget to be furnished Legislature; copies to members.

216.163  Governor's recommended budget; form and content; declaration of collective bargaining impasses.

216.164  Governor's recommended budget; supporting information.

216.165  Governor's recommended revenues.

216.166  Governor's recommended revenues; supporting information.

216.167  Governor's recommendations.

216.168  Governor's amended revenue or budget recommendations; optional and mandatory.

216.172  Meetings of legislative appropriations committees.

216.176  Truth in budgeting.

216.177  Appropriations acts, statement of intent, violation, notice, review and objection procedures.

216.178  General Appropriations Act; format; procedure.

216.179  Reinstatement of vetoed appropriations by administrative means prohibited.

216.181  Approved budgets for operations and fixed capital outlay.

216.1811  Approved operating budgets and appropriations for the legislative branch.

216.1815  Agency incentive and savings program.

216.182  Approval of fixed capital outlay program plan.

216.1826  Activity-based planning and budgeting.

216.1827  Requirements for performance measures and standards.

216.192  Release of appropriations; revision of budgets.

216.195  Impoundment of funds; restricted.

216.201  Services of Executive Office of the Governor to be available to Legislature.

216.212  Budgets for federal funds; restrictions on expenditure of federal funds.

216.216  Court settlement funds negotiated by the state.

216.221  Appropriations as maximum appropriations; adjustment of budgets to avoid or eliminate deficits.

216.222  Budget Stabilization Fund; criteria for withdrawing moneys.

216.231  Release of certain classified appropriations.

216.235  Innovation Investment Program.

216.236  Innovation Investment Program; funding; recordkeeping and reporting.

216.237  Availability of any remaining funds; agency maintenance of accounting records.

216.238  Authority given to carry out provisions of program.

216.241  Initiation or commencement of new programs; approval; expenditure of certain revenues.

216.251  Salary appropriations; limitations.

216.262  Authorized positions.

216.2625  Disbursement of Department of Health trust funds; appropriation of authorized positions.

216.271  Revolving funds.

216.272  Working Capital Trust Funds.

216.273  Administered Funds Trust Fund.

216.275  Clearing accounts.

216.292  Appropriations nontransferable; exceptions.

216.301  Appropriations; undisbursed balances.

216.311  Unauthorized contracts in excess of appropriations; penalty.

216.321  Construction of chapter 216 as unauthorized expenditures and disbursements.

216.345  Professional or other organization membership dues; payment.

216.347  Disbursement of grants and aids appropriations for lobbying prohibited.

216.3475  Maximum rate of payment for services funded under General Appropriations Act or awarded on a noncompetitive basis.

216.348  Fixed capital outlay grants and aids appropriations to certain nonprofit entities.

216.351  Subsequent inconsistent laws.