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March 24, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XI
Chapter 157
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Chapter 157, Florida Statutes 2008



157.01  Public ditch, drain or canal.

157.02  Action on petition by county commissioners.

157.03  Commissioners to appoint committee; report of plans and estimate; letting contract; right-of-way for drains.

157.04  Bond required before letting contract.

157.05  Work done under supervision of committee; when completed, report to commissioners; payments.

157.06  Committee to view land before letting contract; assessment; hearing complaints; collection of tax.

157.07  Where cost of construction exceeds estimated cost commissioners to assess difference.

157.08  Assessments; validation.

157.09  Compensation of committee.

157.10  Application to lateral ditches.

157.11  Lateral drains may be established; commissioners may enlarge district or widen any drain; cost; proviso.

157.12  Duty of bond trustees to borrow money to pay interest on bonds until collection of first assessment; may issue notes; notes and bonds lien against lands; committee may issue notes.

157.13  Use of surplus of bond proceeds.

157.14  Owner may pay whole tax in one sum; county commissioners may make new assessments where former assessments found illegal; time in which assessments may be questioned in collateral proceedings.

157.15  County commissioners may issue bonds to pay scrip; decrease of assessment.

157.16  Enlarging drains and assessing cost.

157.17  Assessment to maintain drains.

157.18  Awarding contract for enlarging or repairing drains.

157.19  Where actual cost exceeds estimated cost; additional work; assessment for same.

157.20  Appointment of committee to view work and make assessments; report to commissioners; form of assessment.

157.21  Enlargement of drains; appointment of committee; report to commissioners; letting contract; contractor's bond; payments; assessment.

157.22  Repairing drains; appointment of committee; report to commissioners; contract; bond; assessment.

157.23  Objections to report of committee fixing assessments; notice; hearing; equalization; assessments; collection by tax collector.

157.24  Commissioners may issue interest-bearing scrip against land to borrow money or pay for work; lien on land assessed.

157.25  Compensation of committee; irregular assessment corrected.

157.26  Repair and maintenance of drains under supervision of county commissioners.

157.27  Proceedings for making repair to drains, etc.

157.28  Awarding contracts for repair; approval.

157.29  Levy of tax for maintaining and repairing drains; assessment and collection of tax; sale of land for unpaid taxes.

157.30  Reassessment of lands where attempt to establish ditch or canal irregular.

157.31  Notice of reassessment for drainage.

157.32  Reviewing complaints and making assessment against property benefited.

157.33  Issuance of scrip to take up former scrip or bonds.

157.34  Reassessments to have effect as original assessment.

157.35  Assessments conclusive after lapse of 6 months.

157.36  Adjustment of drainage tax liens.