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March 26, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XI
Chapter 132
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Chapter 132, Florida Statutes 2008



132.01  How chapter may be cited.

132.02  Taxing units may refund obligations.

132.03  Interest; maturity; payment; right to redeem in advance.

132.04  Redemption before maturity.

132.05  Form; execution; delivery.

132.06  Separate series of bonds; rates of interest.

132.07  Maturity date.

132.08  Exchange of bonds.

132.09  Sale of bonds.

132.11  Amount of refunding bonds to be sold.

132.12  Exchange without notice.

132.13  Delivery of bonds sold.

132.14  Exchange in lieu of sale.

132.15  Provision for conditional increase of rate of interest.

132.16  Sinking fund.

132.17  Pledge of anticipated revenues.

132.18  Pledge of fixed portion of revenues.

132.19  Priority of payment of refunding bonds.

132.20  Proportionate taxes for sinking fund.

132.21  Pledge of special assessments.

132.22  Levy of ad valorem tax for payment of bonds.

132.23  Tax by municipalities; bonds to constitute general obligations; debt limit inapplicable.

132.24  Elections, notice, etc.

132.25  Creation and maintenance of sinking fund.

132.26  Chapter supplemental and additional.

132.27  Chapter complete within itself.

132.28  Chapter applicable to school districts.

132.29  Validation.

132.30  Chapter applicable to all taxing districts.

132.31  No other proceedings required.

132.32  Replacement of bonds.

132.33  Short title.

132.34  Definitions.

132.35  Authorization to issue general obligation refunding bonds.

132.36  Refunding bond resolution; form and contents.

132.37  Levy of ad valorem tax for payment of general obligation refunding bonds.

132.38  Sale of general obligation refunding bonds.

132.39  Certification of debt service savings.

132.40  Notice to holders of general obligation bonds to be redeemed; covenant with holders of general obligation refunding bonds.

132.41  Duties and obligations of escrow agent.

132.42  Investment of escrow funds.

132.43  Pledge and use of proceeds of general obligation refunding bonds.

132.44  Powers in addition to other powers granted.

132.45  Recital in general obligation refunding bonds.

132.46  Effect of invalidity or irregularity in prior proceedings.

132.47  Sections 132.33-132.47 applicable to school districts.