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December 13, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title XI
Chapter 125
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Chapter 125, Part I, Florida Statutes 2008



125.001  Board meetings; notice.

125.01  Powers and duties.

125.0101  County may contract to provide services to municipalities and special districts.

125.0102  Sign ordinances.

125.0103  Ordinances and rules imposing price controls; findings required; procedures.

125.0104  Tourist development tax; procedure for levying; authorized uses; referendum; enforcement.

125.0105  Service fee for dishonored check.

125.01055  Affordable housing.

125.0107  Ordinances relating to possession or sale of ammunition.

125.0108  Areas of critical state concern; tourist impact tax.

125.0109  Family day care homes; local zoning regulation.

125.011  Definitions.

125.012  Project facilities; general powers and duties.

125.013  General obligation bonds; revenue bonds.

125.014  Title designation of authority.

125.015  Acquisition of facilities from municipalities.

125.016  Ad valorem tax.

125.0167  Discretionary surtax on documents; adoption; application of revenue.

125.0168  Special assessments levied on recreational vehicle parks regulated under chapter 513.

125.017  Administrative agents.

125.018  Rules and regulations.

125.019  Exemption from taxation; immunity.

125.022  Development permits.

125.025  County-municipality consolidated governments; additional powers.

125.031  Lease or lease-purchases of property for public purposes.

125.045  County economic development powers.

125.15  To sue and be sued in the name of county.

125.17  Clerk.

125.221  Holding of court and meeting of grand jury; place other than courthouse.

125.222  Auxiliary county offices, court proceedings.

125.27  Countywide forest fire protection; authority of the Division of Forestry; state funding; county fire control assessments; disposition; equipment donations.

125.271  Emergency medical services; county emergency medical service assessments.

125.275  Countywide air quality protection; authority of counties designated as nonattainment areas; preemption of municipal ordinances.

125.325  Loans to public agencies authorized.

125.3401  Purchase, sale, or privatization of water, sewer, or wastewater reuse utility by county.

125.35  County authorized to sell real and personal property and to lease real property.

125.355  Proposed purchase of real property by county; confidentiality of records; procedure.

125.37  Exchange of county property.

125.379  Disposition of county property for affordable housing.

125.38  Sale of county property to United States, or state.

125.39  Nonapplicability to county lands acquired for specific purposes.

125.411  Conveyance of land by county.

125.42  Water, sewage, gas, power, telephone, other utility, and television lines along county roads and highways.

125.421  Telecommunications services.

125.485  Utility services; nonpayment of charges by former occupant of rental unit; county action limited.

125.56  Enforcement and amendment of the Florida Building Code and the Florida Fire Prevention Code; inspection fees; inspectors; etc.

125.561  Amateur radio antennas; construction in conformance with federal requirements.

125.563  Abatement of water pollution and shore erosion of inland lakes.

125.568  Conservation of water; Xeriscape.

125.5801  Criminal history record checks for certain county employees and appointees.

125.581  Certain local employment registration prohibited.

125.585  Employee assistance programs; public records exemption.

125.59  Special grand jury fund.