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March 22, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title X
Chapter 121
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Chapter 121, Part I, Florida Statutes 2008



121.011  Florida Retirement System.

121.021  Definitions.

121.025  Administrator; powers and duties.

121.031  Administration of system; appropriation; oaths; actuarial studies; public records.

121.0312  Review; actuarial valuation report; contribution rate determination process.

121.045  Consolidation of liabilities and assets; existing systems.

121.046  Merger of the Judicial Retirement System into the Florida Retirement System Act.

121.047  Consolidation of liabilities and assets; Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Supplemental Retirement Program; restriction.

121.051  Participation in the system.

121.0511  Revocation of election and alternative plan.

121.0515  Special risk membership.

121.052  Membership class of elected officers.

121.053  Participation in the Elected Officers' Class for retired members.

121.055  Senior Management Service Class.

121.061  Funding.

121.071  Contributions.

121.081  Past service; prior service; contributions.

121.085  Creditable service.

121.091  Benefits payable under the system.

121.093  Developmental research school and Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind instructional personnel; reemployment after retirement.

121.094  Charter school instructional personnel; reemployment after retirement.

121.095  Florida Retirement System Preservation of Benefits Plan Trust Fund.

121.1001  Florida Retirement System Preservation of Benefits Plan.

121.101  Cost-of-living adjustment of benefits.

121.111  Credit for military service.

121.1115  Purchase of retirement credit for out-of-state and federal service.

121.1122  Purchase of retirement credit for in-state public service and in-state service in accredited nonpublic schools and colleges, including charter schools and charter technical career centers.

121.121  Authorized leaves of absence.

121.122  Renewed membership in system.

121.125  Credit for workers' compensation payment periods.

121.131  Benefits exempt from taxes and execution.

121.133  Cancellation of uncashed warrants.

121.135  Annual report to Legislature concerning state-administered retirement systems.

121.136  Annual benefit statement to members.

121.141  Appropriation.

121.151  Investments.

121.153  Investments in institutions doing business in or with Northern Ireland.

121.161  References to other laws include amendments.

121.181  Effective date.

121.1815  Special pensions to individuals; administration of laws by Department of Management Services.

121.182  Retirement annuities authorized for city and county personnel.

121.1905  Division of Retirement; creation.

121.191  Special acts prohibited.

121.192  State retirement actuary.

121.193  External compliance audits.

121.22  State Retirement Commission; creation; membership; compensation.

121.23  Disability retirement and special risk membership applications; Retirement Commission; powers and duties; judicial review.

121.231  Attorney's fees and costs under s. 121.23(2)(a); funding.

121.24  Conduct of commission business; legal and other assistance; compensation.

121.30  Statements of purpose and intent and other provisions required for qualification under the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.

121.35  Optional retirement program for the State University System.

121.355  Community College Optional Retirement Program and State University System Optional Retirement Program member transfer.

121.40  Cooperative extension personnel at the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences; supplemental retirement benefits.

121.45  Interstate compacts relating to pension portability.