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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title VII
Chapter 92
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Chapter 92, Florida Statutes 2008



92.05  Final judgments and decrees of courts of record.

92.06  Judgments and decrees of United States District Courts.

92.07  Judgments and decrees of this state.

92.08  Deeds and powers of attorney of record for 20 years or more.

92.09  Effect of reversal, etc., of judgment or successful attack on deed.

92.13  Certified copies of records of certified copies.

92.14  United States deeds and patents and copies thereof.

92.141  Law enforcement employees; travel expenses; compensation as witness.

92.142  Witnesses; pay.

92.143  Compensation to traffic court witnesses.

92.15  Receipts in cases involving title from United States.

92.151  Witness compensation; payment; overcharges.

92.153  Production of documents by witnesses; reimbursement of costs.

92.16  Certificates of Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund respecting the ownership, conveyance of, and other facts in connection with public lands.

92.17  Effect of seal of Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund.

92.18  Certificate of state officer.

92.19  Portions of records.

92.20  Certificates issued under authority of Congress.

92.21  Certificate as to sanitary condition of buildings.

92.23  Rule of evidence in suits on fire policies for loss or damage to building.

92.231  Expert witnesses; fee.

92.233  Compensation of witness summoned in two or more criminal cases.

92.24  Certain tax deeds prima facie evidence of title.

92.25  Records destroyed by fire; use of abstracts.

92.251  Uniform Foreign Depositions Law.

92.26  Records destroyed by fire; use of sworn copies.

92.27  Records destroyed by fire; effect of abstracts in evidence.

92.28  Records destroyed by fire; land title suits; what may be received in evidence.

92.29  Photographic or electronic copies.

92.295  Copies of voter registration records.

92.30  Presumption of death; official findings.

92.31  Missing persons and persons imprisoned or interned in foreign countries; official reports.

92.32  Official findings and reports; presumption of authority to issue or execute.

92.33  Written statement concerning injury to person or property; furnishing copies; admission as evidence.

92.351  Prohibition against prisoners submitting nondocumentary physical evidence without authorization of court; prisoner mailings to courts.

92.38  Comparison of disputed writings.

92.39  Evidence of individual's claim against the state in suits between them.

92.40  Reports of building, housing, or health code violations; admissibility.

92.50  Oaths, affidavits, and acknowledgments; who may take or administer; requirements.

92.51  Oaths, affidavits, and acknowledgments; taken or administered by commissioned officer of United States Armed Forces.

92.52  Affirmation equivalent to oath.

92.525  Verification of documents; perjury by false written declaration, penalty.

92.53  Videotaping of testimony of victim or witness under age 16 or person with mental retardation.

92.54  Use of closed circuit television in proceedings involving victims or witnesses under the age of 16 or persons with mental retardation.

92.55  Judicial or other proceedings involving victim or witness under the age of 16 or person with mental retardation; special protections.

92.56  Judicial proceedings and court records involving sexual offenses.

92.565  Admissibility of confession in sexual abuse cases.

92.57  Termination of employment of witness prohibited.

92.60  Foreign records of regularly conducted business activity.

92.605  Production of certain records by Florida businesses and out-of-state corporations.