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December 14, 2018
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title III
Chapter 11
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Chapter 11, Florida Statutes 2008



11.011  Special session; convened by Legislature.

11.02  Notice of special or local legislation or certain relief acts.

11.021  Evidence of publication of notice.

11.03  Proof of publication of notice.

11.031  Official census.

11.0431  Legislative records; intent of legislation; exemption from public disclosure.

11.044  Legislative intent and purpose.

11.045  Lobbying before the Legislature; registration and reporting; exemptions; penalties.

11.0451  Requirements for reinstitution of lobbyist registration after felony conviction.

11.0455  Electronic filing of compensation reports and other information.

11.047  Contingency fees; prohibitions; penalties.

11.061  State, state university, and community college employee lobbyists; registration; recording attendance; penalty; exemptions.

11.062  Use of state funds for lobbying prohibited; penalty.

11.065  Claims against state; limitations; notice.

11.066  Suits seeking monetary damages against the state or its agencies; payment of judgments; appropriations required.

11.07  Method of enrolling bills, etc.

11.111  Continuance of certain causes for term of Legislature and period of time prior and subsequent thereto and committee workdays.

11.12  Salary, subsistence, and mileage of members and employees; expenses authorized by resolution; appropriation; preaudit.

11.13  Compensation of members.

11.131  Monetary supplements prohibited.

11.135  Legislative committees, units, and offices; expenditures.

11.143  Standing or select committees; powers.

11.1465  Services provided to Legislature.

11.147  Office of Legislative Services.

11.151  Annual legislative appropriation to contingency fund for use of Senate President and House Speaker.

11.241  Permanent statutory revision plan created.

11.242  Powers, duties, and functions as to statutory revision.

11.2421  Florida Statutes 2008 adopted.

11.2422  Statutes repealed.

11.2423  Laws or statutes not repealed.

11.2424  Laws not repealed.

11.2425  Rights reserved under repealed statutes.

11.2427  Conflict of laws.

11.243  Publishing Florida Statutes; price, sale.

11.25  Salaries and expenditures not subject to control of executive agencies.

11.26  Legislative employees; employment restrictions.

11.40  Legislative Auditing Committee.

11.42  The Auditor General.

11.45  Definitions; duties; authorities; reports; rules.

11.47  Penalties; failure to make a proper audit or examination; making a false report; failure to produce documents or information.

11.51  Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability.

11.511  Director of the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability; appointment; employment of staff; powers and duties.

11.513  Program evaluation and justification review.

11.60  Administrative Procedures Committee; creation; membership; powers; duties.

11.62  Legislative review of proposed regulation of unregulated functions.

11.70  Legislative Committee on Intergovernmental Relations.

11.80  Joint Legislative Committee on Everglades Oversight.

11.90  Legislative Budget Commission.

11.9005  Government Efficiency Task Force.

11.901  Short title.

11.902  Definitions.

11.903  Legislative Sunset Review Committees and the Joint Legislative Sunset Committee.

11.904  Staff.

11.905  Schedule for reviewing state agencies and advisory committees.

11.9055  Abolition of state agencies and advisory committees.

11.906  Agency report to the Legislature.

11.907  Legislative review.

11.908  Committee duties.

11.910  Information for review.

11.911  Committee recommendations.

11.917  Procedure after termination.

11.918  Joint Legislative Sunset Committee; powers; assistance of state agencies.

11.919  Assistance of and access to state agencies.

11.920  Saving provision.