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July 21, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Chapter 626
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F.S. 626.9957
626.9957 Conduct prohibited; denial, revocation, termination, expiration, or suspension of registration.
(1) As provided in s. 626.112, only a person licensed as an insurance agent or customer representative may engage in the solicitation of insurance. A person who engages in the solicitation of insurance as described in s. 626.112(1) without such license is subject to the penalties provided under s. 626.112(10).
(2) Whether licensed by the department as an agent or customer representative, a navigator may not perform any of the following while acting as a navigator:
(a) Solicit, negotiate, or sell health insurance; or
(b) Recommend the purchase of a particular health plan or represent one health plan as preferable over another.
(3) A navigator may not:
(a) Recommend the purchase, assist with enrollment, or provide services related to health benefit plans or products not offered through the exchange other than providing information about Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP);
(b) Recommend or assist with the cancellation of insurance coverage purchased outside the exchange; or
(c) Receive compensation or anything of value from an insurer, health plan, business, or consumer in connection with performing the activities of a navigator, other than from the exchange or an entity or individual who has received a navigator grant pursuant to 45 C.F.R. s. 155.210.
(4) The department may deny an application for registration as a navigator or suspend or revoke the registration of a navigator if it finds that any one or more of the following grounds exist:
(a) Violation of this part or any applicable provision of this chapter.
(b) Violation of department order or rule.
(c) Having been the subject of disciplinary or other adverse action by the federal government or an exchange as a result of a violation of any provision of PPACA.
(d) Lack one or more of the qualifications required under this part.
(e) Material misstatement, misrepresentation, or fraud in obtaining or attempting to obtain registration under this part.
(f) Any cause for which issuance of the registration could have been refused if it had existed and been known to the department.
(g) Having been found guilty or having pled guilty or nolo contendere to a felony or a crime punishable by imprisonment of 1 or more years under the law of the United States or any state thereof or under the law of any country, without regard to whether a judgment of conviction has been entered by the court having jurisdiction of such cases.
(h) Failure to inform the department in writing within 30 days after pleading guilty or nolo contendere to, or being convicted or found guilty of, any felony or crime punishable by imprisonment of 1 or more years under the law of the United States or of any state thereof, or under the law of any other country without regard to whether a judgment of conviction has been entered by the court having jurisdiction of the case.
(i) Violating or knowingly aiding, assisting, procuring, advising, or abetting another in violating the insurance code or any order or rule of the department, commission, or office.
(j) Failure to comply with any civil, criminal, or administrative action taken by the child support enforcement program under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, 42 U.S.C. ss. 651 et seq., to determine paternity or to establish, modify, enforce, or collect support.
(5) If the department finds that one or more grounds exist for the suspension or revocation of a navigator’s registration, the department may, in lieu of or in addition to suspension or revocation, impose upon the registrant an administrative penalty of up to $500, or if the department finds willful misconduct or a willful violation, an administrative penalty of up to $3,500.
(6) A person who acts as a navigator without being registered under this part is subject to an administrative penalty of up to $1,500.
(7) If a navigator registered under this part fails to maintain an active, valid navigator’s registration status with the Federal Government or an exchange, the navigator’s registration issued under this part shall expire by operation of law. A navigator with an expired registration may not be granted subsequent registration until the navigator qualifies as a first-time applicant.
(8)(a) Pursuant to s. 120.569, the department may issue a cease and desist order or an immediate final order to cease and desist to any person who violates this section.
(b) A person who violates, or assists in the violation of, an order of the department while such order is in effect, is, at the discretion of the department, subject to:
1. A monetary penalty of up to $50,000; or
2. Suspension or revocation of such person’s registration.
(9) If a navigator registered under this part enters a plea of guilty or nolo contendere, or is convicted by a court of a violation of this code or a felony, the registration of such individual shall be immediately revoked by the department. The individual may subsequently request a hearing pursuant to ss. 120.569 and 120.57, which shall be expedited by the department. The sole issue at the hearing shall be whether the revocation of registration should be rescinded because such individual was not in fact convicted of a violation of this code or a felony.
(10) An order by the department suspending the registration of a navigator must specify the period during which the suspension is to be in effect, which may not exceed 2 years. The registration shall remain suspended during the period specified, subject to rescission or modification of the order by the department, or modification or reversal by the court, before expiration of the suspension period. A registration that has been suspended may not be reinstated except upon the filing and approval of an application for reinstatement; however, the department may not approve an application for reinstatement if it finds that the circumstance or circumstances for which the registration was suspended still exist or are likely to recur. An application for reinstatement is also subject to disqualification and waiting periods before approval on the same grounds that apply to applications for registration under s. 626.9954.
(11) An individual whose registration has been revoked may not apply for registration as a navigator until 2 years after the effective date of such revocation or, if judicial review of such revocation is sought, within 2 years after the date of the final court order or decree affirming the revocation.
(12) Revocation or suspension of the registration of a navigator under this part shall be immediately reported by the department to the operator of the exchange. An individual whose registration has been revoked or suspended may not act as, offer to act as, or advertise any service as a navigator until the department reinstates such registration.
(13) The department may adopt rules establishing specific penalties against registrants in accordance with this section. The purpose of revocation or suspension is to provide a sufficient penalty to deter behavior incompatible with the public health, safety, and welfare. The imposition of a revocation or the duration of a suspension shall be based on the type of conduct and the likelihood that the propensity to commit further illegal conduct has been overcome at the time of eligibility for reinstatement. The length of suspension may be adjusted based on aggravating or mitigating factors established by rule and consistent with this purpose.
History.s. 12, ch. 2013-101; s. 15, ch. 2021-104; s. 32, ch. 2023-144.