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March 20, 2019
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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title X
Chapter 110
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Chapter 110, Part I, Florida Statutes 2008



110.105  Employment policy of the state.

110.1055  Rules and rulemaking authority.

110.107  Definitions.

110.1082  Telephone voice mail systems and telephone menu options systems.

110.1091  Employee assistance programs; public records exemption.

110.1099  Education and training opportunities for state employees.

110.112  Affirmative action; equal employment opportunity.

110.1127  Employee security checks.

110.1128  Selective service registration.

110.113  Pay periods for state officers and employees; salary payments by direct deposit.

110.114  Employee wage deductions.

110.115  Employees of historical commissions; other state employment permitted.

110.1155  Travel to or conducting business with a country in the Western Hemisphere lacking diplomatic relations with the United States.

110.116  Personnel information system; payroll procedures.

110.1165  Executive branch personnel errors; limitation of actions for compensation.

110.117  Paid holidays.

110.118  Administrative leave for certain athletic competition.

110.119  Administrative leave for reexamination or treatment with respect to service-connected disability.

110.120  Administrative leave for disaster service volunteers.

110.121  Sick leave pool.

110.122  Terminal payment for accumulated sick leave.

110.1221  Sexual harassment policy; executive agency rules.

110.1225  Furloughs.

110.1227  Florida Employee Long-Term-Care Plan Act.

110.1228  Participation by small counties, small municipalities, and district school boards located in small counties.

110.123  State group insurance program.

110.12312  Open enrollment period for retirees.

110.12315  Prescription drug program.

110.1232  Health insurance coverage for persons retired under state-administered retirement systems before January 1, 1976, and for spouses.

110.1234  Health insurance for retirees under the Florida Retirement System; Medicare supplement and fully insured coverage.

110.1238  State group health insurance plans; refunds with respect to overcharges by providers.

110.1239  State group health insurance program funding.

110.124  Termination or transfer of employees aged 65 or older.

110.1245  Savings sharing program; bonus payments; other awards.

110.125  Administrative costs.

110.126  Oaths, testimony, records.

110.127  Penalties.

110.129  Services to political subdivisions.

110.131  Other-personal-services temporary employment.

110.1315  Alternative benefits; other-personal-services employees.

110.151  State officers' and employees' child care services.

110.1521  Short title.

110.1522  Model rule establishing family support personnel policies.

110.1523  Adoption of model rule.

110.161  State employees; pretax benefits program.

110.171  State employee telecommuting program.

110.181  Florida State Employees' Charitable Campaign.

110.191  State employee leasing.