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The Florida Statutes

The 2008 Florida Statutes

Title IV
Chapter 17
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Chapter 17, Florida Statutes 2008



17.001  Chief Financial Officer.

17.002  Definition.

17.011  Assistant Chief Financial Officer.

17.02  Place of residence and office.

17.03  To audit claims against the state.

17.031  Security of Chief Financial Officer's office.

17.0315  Financial and cash management system; task force.

17.04  To audit and adjust accounts of officers and those indebted to the state.

17.0401  Confidentiality of information relating to financial investigations.

17.041  County and district accounts and claims.

17.0415  Transfer and assignment of claims.

17.0416  Authority to provide services on a fee basis.

17.05  Subpoenas; sworn statements; enforcement proceedings.

17.075  Form of state warrants and other payment orders; rules.

17.076  Direct deposit of funds.

17.08  Accounts, etc., on which warrants drawn, to be filed.

17.09  Application for warrants for salaries.

17.10  Record of warrants and of state funds and securities.

17.11  To report disbursements made.

17.12  Authorized to issue warrants to tax collector or sheriff for payment.

17.13  To duplicate warrants lost or destroyed.

17.14  To prescribe forms.

17.16  Seal.

17.17  Examination by Governor and report.

17.20  Assignment of claims for collection.

17.21  Not to allow any claim of state attorney against state until report made.

17.22  Notice to Department of Legal Affairs.

17.25  May certify copies.

17.26  Cancellation of state warrants not presented within 1 year.

17.27  Microfilming and destroying records and correspondence.

17.28  Chief Financial Officer may authorize biweekly salary payments.

17.29  Authority to prescribe rules.

17.30  Dissemination of information.

17.32  Annual report of trust funds; duties of Chief Financial Officer.

17.325  Governmental efficiency hotline; duties of Chief Financial Officer.

17.41  Department of Financial Services Tobacco Settlement Clearing Trust Fund.

17.43  Federal Law Enforcement Trust Fund.

17.51  Oath and certificate of Chief Financial Officer.

17.52  Moneys paid on warrants.

17.53  Chief Financial Officer to operate personal check-cashing service.

17.54  Annual report to Governor.

17.55  Examination by and monthly statements to the Governor.

17.555  Division of Treasury to keep record of warrants and of state funds and securities.

17.556  Legislative sessions; additional employees.

17.56  Division of Treasury to turn over to the Division of Accounting and Auditing all warrants paid.

17.57  Deposits and investments of state money.

17.58  Deposits of public money outside the State Treasury; revolving funds.

17.59  Safekeeping services.

17.60  Treasury Cash Deposit Trust Fund.

17.61  Chief Financial Officer; powers and duties in the investment of certain funds.

17.62  Interest on state moneys deposited; when paid.

17.63  Chief Financial Officer not to issue evidences of indebtedness.

17.64  Division of Treasury to make reproductions of certain warrants, records, and documents.

17.65  Chief Financial Officer to prescribe forms.

17.66  Securities in book-entry form.