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July 3, 2020
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The Florida Statutes

The 2019 Florida Statutes

Chapter 1013
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F.S. 1013.41
1013.41 SMART schools; Classrooms First; legislative purpose.
(1) SMART SCHOOLS.“SMART schools” are schools that are soundly made, accountable, reasonable, and thrifty. It is the purpose of the Legislature to provide a balanced and principle-based plan for a functional, safe, adequate, and thrifty learning environment for Florida’s K-12 students through SMART schools. The plan must be balanced in serving all school districts and must also be balanced between the operating and capital sides of the budget. The principles upon which the plan is based are less government, lower taxes, increased responsibility of school districts, increased freedom through local control, and family and community empowerment.
(2) CLASSROOMS FIRST.It is the purpose of the Legislature to substantially increase the state’s investment in school construction in an equitable, fair, and reasonable way.
(3) SCHOOL DISTRICT EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES PLAN.It is the purpose of the Legislature to create s. 1013.35, requiring each school district annually to adopt an educational facilities plan that provides an integrated long-range facilities plan, including the survey of projected needs and the 5-year work program. The purpose of the educational facilities plan is to keep the district school board, local governments, and the public fully informed as to whether the district is using sound policies and practices that meet the essential needs of students and that warrant public confidence in district operations. The educational facilities plan will be monitored by the Office of Educational Facilities, which will also apply performance standards pursuant to s. 1013.04.
(4) OFFICE OF EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES.It is the purpose of the Legislature to require the Office of Educational Facilities to assist school districts in building SMART schools utilizing functional and frugal practices. The Office of Educational Facilities must review district facilities work programs and projects and identify opportunities to maximize design and construction savings; develop school district facilities work program performance standards; and provide for review and recommendations to the Governor, the Legislature, and the State Board of Education.
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