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July 17, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Title XXVI
Chapter 347
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F.S. 347.22
347.22 Condition under which franchise granted.Such leave, license and franchise, for the maintenance and operation of such ferry as provided in s. 347.21, shall be given and granted by resolution upon the following terms and conditions:
(1) The grantee of such leave, license and franchise, shall before the taking effect of such leave, license and franchise, give to the county a good and sufficient bond in the sum of $5,000, to be approved by the county commissioners, conditioned for the establishment, maintenance and operation of a ferry of character to meet the reasonable necessities of the public on regular schedule at such frequent intervals from each side of the river with a ferry boat suitable and safe for the transportation of passengers, vehicles and teams during the hours and on the schedules as fixed by the provisions of the resolution of the board of county commissioners granting the franchise. The county commissioners shall in and by the resolution giving and granting such franchise fix the schedule to be observed and the rate to be charged for ferriage, and the character and capacity of boats, and make such other regulations as may to them appear to be reasonable, to be in force and effect until changed as hereinafter provided.
(2) Such franchise, unless adjudged by the courts forfeited for failure to comply with the terms and conditions thereof, shall run and continue for the full term of and period of 15 years, and thereafter until the county commissioners shall have terminated the said franchise in the manner herein provided. No leave, license or franchise shall be granted to any person for the operation of any ferry across such river from or to any point within 1 mile of either terminus of such ferry as fixed by the resolution granting the franchise, and no other ferry shall be established or maintained within 1 mile thereof; and no such leave, license or franchise shall be so given or granted as to impair or depreciate the value of any vested right or privilege of any person or corporation operating at the time of the passage of this chapter, a ferry for the transportation of passengers and teams at frequent and regular intervals across a river under the provisions of any resolutions of a board of county commissioners, granted under the provisions of existing laws.
(3) At the end of the third year after granting such leave, license or franchise, and at the end of each period of 3 years thereafter, the county commissioners and the grantee shall each have the right, by having given notice of the intention so to do 30 days prior to any such recurring period of 3 years, to have arbitrated with the other party any question or questions as to the reasonableness of any rate or rates allowed or charged, or as to the character and reasonableness or frequency of the service required or given, or as to any other matter or thing pertaining to the maintenance or operation of such ferry. For the arbitration of any such question or questions, the county commissioners shall name one arbitrator, and the grantee of the franchise shall name the other, and the two arbitrators shall, if possible, after investigation, decide the question or questions submitted to them, and render to the county commissioners and to the grantee a written decision signed by them. If the two arbitrators so named shall be unable to agree as to a proper decision on any question or questions, they shall mutually agree upon a third disinterested party, who shall investigate the contested question or questions, and the finding of two of the arbitrators shall then be a decision of the arbitrators. All parties shall be bound, and shall abide by and carry out for the ensuing 3 years the decision of the arbitrators. The county commissioners and the grantee of such franchise shall have the right at any time, without arbitration, to make by resolution of the county commissioners, approved by the grantee, any arrangement that they may deem mutually advantageous to all concerned affecting such ferry service, subject, however, to subsequent change by arbitration at the times and as herein provided.
(4)(a) The county commissioners of any county, wherein such ferry shall have been operated as herein provided, shall have the right to have submitted to the voters of the county, at the general election next preceding the expiration of the said term of 15 years, the question as to whether or not the county commissioners shall purchase the property used and operate the ferry, and if the majority of the voters voting on the subject shall have voted for the purchase and operation of the ferry by the county, then the county commissioners and the grantee of the franchise shall each name an arbitrator, and the two arbitrators so named shall name a third, a disinterested person of high standing and integrity, and the three arbitrators, or two of them, if the three cannot agree, shall, after a thorough investigation, fix the amount to be paid by the county to the grantee; and the county commissioners shall thereupon pay to the grantee the amount fixed by the arbitrators, or a majority of them, and shall receive from the grantee a conveyance of all its property used for ferry purposes; and the county commissioners shall operate such ferry so long as its operation by them shall appear practicable, and the grantee of the franchise shall not thereafter, so long as the said ferry shall be operated by the county, operate any such ferry, and all rights of the grantee to operate such ferry shall, during the time of the operation thereof by the county, be withdrawn.
(b) Should the electors of the county at such election fail to approve the purchase and operation of such ferry, or should the county commissioners for any reason fail to make such purchase, the grantee shall have the right to continue the operation of such ferry with all the rights hereby granted and subject to all of the provisions of this chapter as to arbitration of questions of service, charges, etc., for an additional term of 10 years, and until the county shall, by vote of its electors, have determined to purchase and operate such ferry, and shall have paid to the grantee the amount fixed by arbitration in the manner above provided.
History.s. 2, ch. 5185, 1903; GS 920; RGS 1704; CGL 2755.