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July 25, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Chapter 379
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F.S. 379.3311
379.3311 Police powers of commission and its agents.
(1) The commission, the executive director and the executive director’s assistants designated by her or him, and each commission officer are constituted peace officers with the power to make arrests for violations of the laws of this state when committed in the presence of the officer or when committed on lands under the supervision and management of the commission, the department, the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, or the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, including state parks, coastal and aquatic managed areas, and greenways and trails. The general laws applicable to arrests by peace officers of this state shall also be applicable to such director, assistants, and commission officers. Such persons may enter upon any land or waters of the state for performance of their lawful duties and may take with them any necessary equipment, and such entry does not constitute a trespass.
(2) Such officers may enforce throughout the state all laws relating to game, nongame birds, fish, and fur-bearing animals and all rules and regulations of the commission relating to wild animal life, marine life, and freshwater aquatic life, and in connection with such laws, rules, and regulations, in the enforcement thereof and in the performance of their duties thereunder, to:
(a) Go upon all premises, posted or otherwise;
(b) Execute warrants and search warrants for the violation of such laws;
(c) Serve subpoenas issued for the examination, investigation, and trial of all offenses against such laws;
(d) Carry firearms or other weapons, concealed or otherwise, in the performance of their duties;
(e) Arrest upon probable cause without warrant any person found in the act of violating any such laws or, in pursuit immediately following such violations, to examine any person, boat, conveyance, vehicle, game bag, game coat, or other receptacle for wild animal life, marine life, or freshwater aquatic life, or any camp, tent, cabin, or roster, in the presence of any person stopping at or belonging to such camp, tent, cabin, or roster, when such officer has reason to believe, and has exhibited her or his authority and stated to the suspected person in charge the officer’s reason for believing, that any of the aforesaid laws have been violated at such camp;
(f) Secure and execute search warrants and in pursuance thereof to enter any building, enclosure, or car and to break open, when found necessary, any apartment, chest, locker, box, trunk, crate, basket, bag, package, or container and examine the contents thereof;
(g) Seize and take possession of all wild animal life, marine life, or freshwater aquatic life taken or in possession or under control of, or shipped or about to be shipped by, any person at any time in any manner contrary to such laws.
(3) It is unlawful for any person to resist an arrest authorized by this section or in any manner to interfere, either by abetting, assisting such resistance, or otherwise interfering with such executive director, assistants, or commission officers while engaged in the performance of the duties imposed upon them by law or regulation of the commission, the department, the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, or the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
(4) Upon final disposition of any alleged offense for which a citation for any violation of this chapter or the rules of the commission has been issued, the court shall, within 10 days after the final disposition of the action, certify the disposition to the commission.
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Note.Former s. 372.07.