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May 26, 2024
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The Florida Statutes

The 2023 Florida Statutes (including Special Session C)

Title XIV
Chapter 215
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F.S. 215.64
215.64 Powers of the division.The division shall have power:
(1) To sue and be sued in the corporate name of the division and to adopt a corporate seal.
(2) To issue any bonds of the state heretofore or hereafter authorized by law or by the State Constitution, and to issue bonds on behalf of any state agency heretofore or hereafter authorized by law upon application of such state agency. Such bonds issued on behalf of a state agency may be issued in the name of the State of Florida, or in the sole name of such state agency if required by law.
(3) To exercise all of the powers relating to the issuance of bonds of any state agency, the terms and details thereof, the security pledged therefor, and the rights and remedies relating to the holders of said bonds as fully and to the same extent as such state agencies could exercise such powers under the statutes in effect at the time of the issuance of such bonds relating to such state agencies, and it is hereby expressly provided that all pledges or security for bondholders and all covenants and agreements made pursuant to this act, whether such bonds are issued directly in the name of the State of Florida or in the name of the State of Florida on behalf of the state agency, shall be and constitute valid and legally binding pledges and covenants of both the State of Florida and the state agency and shall be fully enforceable by any holder of such bonds against either the state or such agency or the state and such agency jointly.
(4) To employ the services of a director of the division to be designated by the Governor with the concurrence of the board. The director may also serve as general counsel of the division and as assistant secretary of the board and in such capacities shall be authorized to perform duties provided by appropriate regulations or resolutions of the board under conditions and limitations included therein.
(5) To employ or retain persons, firms, or corporations as engineers, attorneys, financial advisers or consultants, and such other consultants and employees as it may deem necessary or advisable for the carrying out and performing of the duties and obligations of the division, and to fix and determine the compensation of all such persons, firms, or corporations.
(6) To prepare resolutions and all other necessary proceedings for approval by the board relating to the authorization, validation, issuance and sale of any bonds to be issued by the state and any bonds to be issued for and on behalf of any state agency. Any resolution or other proceedings had or taken by the board or the division on behalf of any state agency shall be deemed to be the resolution or other proceedings of such state agency as fully and to the same extent as if such state agency had originally adopted such resolution or other proceedings.
(7) To sell at such place or places and under such terms and conditions as the board shall determine in conformity with this act, all state bonds authorized by law and the bonds issued on behalf of any state agency as provided in this act.
(8) To request any state agency on behalf of which the division is issuing bonds to adopt any necessary resolutions or other proceedings and to take any necessary actions in connection with the issuance of such bonds, and no resolution or other proceeding shall be adopted or action taken by any state agency relating to bonds of such state agency which the division has been requested to issue without the approval and consent of the board.
(9) To exercise the power of eminent domain, as provided by s. 288.15(2), to carry out the objects and purposes of the State Bond Act and to take such other proceedings and actions as may be necessary to perform and carry out the provisions of this act. It is hereby expressly declared that it is the intent of this act that the division have all the powers necessary or advisable to enable the board and the division to carry out and perform the powers provided in this act, and this act shall be construed liberally to effectuate such purpose.
(10) To remit the proceeds of any bonds sold for any state agency for use in the manner provided in proceedings adopted by such state agency and approved and consented to by the board, or adopted by the board on behalf of such state agency, and to remit the proceeds of any state bonds for use in the manner provided in the acts of the Legislature and the proceedings approved by the board authorizing the issuance of such state bonds. The division is authorized to retain from the proceeds of any state bonds or bonds issued on behalf of any state agency the amount of its fees, costs and expenses in connection with all proceedings and acts taken in connection with the authorization, issuance and sale of such bonds, including a proportionate part of the general overhead costs of the operation and administration of the division in its carrying out of the purposes of this act. The determination of the division as to the proper proportion and amount of such fees, costs and expenses to be charged against each issue of bonds shall be final and conclusive when approved by the board.
(11) To exercise control over the state‚Äôs arbitrage compliance program by taking responsibility for and having full and final authority over such program as provided by rule or resolution of the division. Such authority shall include, but shall not be limited to, the power to direct the actions of any governmental agency on behalf of which the division has issued bonds, or any state agency, with respect to the recordkeeping, investment, disbursement, computation, and rebate functions concerning bond proceeds, any funds which the Internal Revenue Service may consider to be bond proceeds, or any other funds which the division deems necessary, to the extent required to ensure compliance by such agency with federal arbitrage law.
(12) For purposes of any investigation or proceeding conducted by the division, to administer oaths, take depositions, issue subpoenas, and compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, papers, documents, and other evidence.
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